Today I set up my new computer. It's been in the box outside my office for about a month. The screen on the laptop I use is cracked. I've transferred files to an external hard drive. Its like I always have something hanging over me. I'm never done.

I have a ticket for the Atlanta film festival and hope to go several days. My initial plan was to go last Thursday and stay through Sunday. I also signed up for a 5K on Sunday. I would try to go on Sunday but you have to pick up your race packet by the day before. What the h----. I can't go for a six hour roundtrip for a race packet.

My big hold up is the fence is not done. It's getting there. I got the muscadines I purchased. Luckily it is going to rain four days this week. It is within the realm of possibility that I get them planted and mother nature does her job.

I've read the quote about a big part of life is not what happens but how you react. The guy that has helped me with the fence is a filmaker and he has never been able to make a living doing it. Since I have gotten into writing. I have met my share of starving artists.

At one time, I thought I had lived my life with a bad priority. I have chased
dollar. I'm not rich and no where financially where I would like to be. But I have an income. The whole world seems contrived to take it from me I feel like. But it is easier to have regrets with a roof over your head and food on the table.

What is the gist of this post?

Like most posts, I start out and blabber. There is a point sooner or later that emerges. I'm not the sentimental sort. Being the unpopular kid in elementary gives you an edge.

Even when few people read a posts, it is a springboard for a future writing project.

But back to the gist. I like the word, gist. It sings of my humble roots.

I resolve to remember everything is an opportunity. Have a little faith in other people.


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