Dusty road

onomatopoeia - Trifecta Writing Challenge

Man lights a cigarette
Creaky gray Ford
Takes a bump then lump
On a dirt road
Enclosed in deep dirt walls
Brooding trees
Flies hum then buzz
Road kill
Flat as a flitter


  1. I love country roads. This has that peaceful feeling to me!

  2. Love the work combinations Anne bump lump / hum buzz / flat flitter :) fun to read

  3. Ann, one time in Baltimore, on the freeway, we hit, of all things, an iguana! I still remember the distinctive bump and lump sensation...

    Loved this-the creaky ford and the cigarettes. The good old days:)

  4. haha I can hear the creaking :D

  5. I can never look at road kill - makes my stomach turn! Your descriptions are great - I especially like the sound of 'flat as a flitter.'

  6. Great story in a wonderful poem. Loved the sights and sounds created here.

  7. I felt right at home with your ending phrase (except they say fritter around here) ;)

  8. Poor little road-kill love the poem though

  9. I suppose the calls of vultures will be added to the mix before long.

    Thanks for linking up!

  10. I particularly like the omniscience here. Awesome piece, excellent last line.


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