Macon Film Festival

About three years ago, I went to my first film festival. Not knowing what to expect, I was more than pleasantly surprised. With digital filming bringing the price of filmmaking down, there are many filmmakers honing their craft. The films are great and the subject matter can be quite gripping.

I always purchase my ticket early to get the discount, and originally the festival was in February. However, they have changed the dates to coincide with a music festival called Bragg Jam. So the dates are July 16 through July 19. Last year, Matthew Modine was a featured speaker.

Film festivals are springing up all over. Milledgeville Film Festival is this weekend, and they have a surprisingly good line-up. The small film festivals allow more interaction with the audience in panel discussions and speakers.

Search on the internet for film festivals in your area. Many new venues have opened in recent years.

Filmmaker's panel

Cherry Street 567 Center which is headquarters for the Macon Film Festival

Gray, GA filmmaker and guest speaker Mink Stole


  1. Milledgeville - isn't that the home of my gal Flannery O'Conner? I didn't realize Georgia was such a film mecca. Are the films documentary-style or drama?
    ~Visiting from AtoZ

  2. Great to discover your blog! Be back again.
    A to Z blogger

  3. That sounds like a fun event. I keep meaning to go to one in my city that takes place in the fall - maybe this year, since my oldest may have an entry in it. :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    #atoz :)

  4. That sounds like a fun time. I should check to see if our area does anything like that.

  5. Film festivals are cool. I should make it a point to go to them more often. :)


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