Oh my, how fast Saturday comes around.

I've had an easy time catching up with a few blogs. I think all the A to Z bloggers have had a collective meltdown and stopped posting. There are a few hard workers slogging away.

I'd like to report some exciting adventure or brilliant movie or thought provoking drama I've experienced. But it is more like I have been gardening, mowing grass, repairing water hoses that I have mowed.

I would make up a little story but ---- I bought five apple trees for five bucks each and I need to get them in the ground, so, more pictures. These are from a trip to Hawaii.

I love the window seat. You don't where it is; but, you can appreciate what you are looking at.

View from tour train at Dole Pineapple Plantation on Oahu

Dole pineapple plantation

Volcano on Big Island.

Tropical forest on Big Island

Killer Chickens on Maui


Maui from the cruise ship


  1. The cat never stops, even after the a to z haha killer chickens you say? Hmm, we may run away. Awesome shots indeed, going there would sure beat mowing grass and such


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