I always hated office politics; but come to think of it, I hate all politics.

This weekend is the big Macon Film Festival week. If I had my wish, I would go when it opened and leave at the end of the after party.

I have not traded my electronic ticket for my festival pass. I missed the Sundance Short Film training session, a Q & A with Andrew McCarthy and a viewing of "Pretty in Pink" in the Historic Douglas Theatre.

I always do something for my house each day. I do not avoid it at all costs. So after I took my sister to the doctor, I planted four plants and mopped the floors. Plus Thursday is garbage day and the dogs got two extra walks in. I decided to skip the Sundance session. That was OK. I would do water aerobics.

My sister is pretty perturbed and informs me the house was 83 degrees. Mom with her blood thinner, and me with my cold nature, it felt pretty good. But the air conditioner was not working correctly. I turned it off and tried to reset it to no luck. I pick my brother up where the bus drops him off. I come home, my sister and even my mother is in a state about the air conditioner. My sister intones it is 87 degrees.

I had the dehumidifier working. I cranked up the AC with the unit for my end of the house. I shut the power off at the circuit breaker and turned it back on. We've had a lot of electrical storms. I am replacing the thermostat when the heat and air is serviced this fall. Good news is the AC is back on.

Afterwards, my mother is on her walker telling me if it needs fixing, she has a checkbook. This from the woman who complains constantly how cold the house is. The temperature is now 80 degrees. It was 92 when my sister told me it was 87.

I did not tell my sister it was a dry heat. She and her dog are in her room with the door closed. It must be cool enough for her.

I wound up not being able to go to the Q & A, the movie or after party. So I took my brother out to eat. We ate at Red Lobster. I know the food is supposed to be good and it was. I am not a big chain food lover. My preference are locally owned restaurants. There is a blandness to mass production.

That extends to my reading preferences, I no longer reach for any bestseller. Usually, I read my blogging friends and writer acquaintances and the stories are richer and have more color to them. This is why I love the film festival. You get to watch so many films that would never be shown on television or Netflix.

At the moment, I am watching a huge fairy tale, the Republican National Convention. All politics on this level have a "lala" level of reality in my opinion. The Democrats will serve up their version of Utopia if they get voted in during their convention.

I have decided to vote for Hillary. I can't vote for Donald Trump. Not because of the negative press and his opinions. It is the race issue. He is so polarizing to black America. We are all so ready to implode over race relations. Frankly, I don't think politicos have that much freedom and will do about the same thing. They will just call it different names. Being a military brat, the Pentagon will have a "come to Jesus" meeting with Trump and he will follow in line. They can be persuasive.

What bothers me the most about the election is the divisiveness. There is a lot of truth to united we stand. Somehow, people have lost their ability to have "float" which is the ability to tolerate different opinions. Is it realistic to have the my way or the highway approach to life.

My dad talked about the poverty of the Great Depression. They made it. It was horrible. But they survived. We will too. Hopefully it will not be like the Great Depression. But we do need to stop with our belligerent opinions. We are destroying something more precious. Our love and cooperation with one another.

Even though, I don't care for Trump's speech. Hillary Clinton is going to do the same thing. I think I will change the channel. I plan to put a few more posts in this weekend. I love the film festival. But I forgot how much I hated office politics. I loved the start of a new job where you were oblivious to it all. Now I know, I just hate politics.


  1. I'm doing a lot of praying for the election myself. This is the first year since I started voting way back in 1976 that neither candidate sounds appealing to me, yet I will go and exercise my right to vote because too many people have died to give us that freedom and other countries would do the same (die for the freedom) so I need to make sure I honor their sacrifice by voting. I will make the best informed decision that I can after carefully evaluating all that is out there about all running for offices I'll be voting for whether federal, state, city, etc.

    I have to laugh; I'd be comfortable in a warmer house myself but since hubby is the main breadwinner and his comfort level is 5 degrees cooler than my comfort level, I go with what he wants (and turn it up when he's gone).

    I will tell you though there is some truth about a dry heat being better than a humid heat. I can take up to 110 degrees here of the dry heat, but don't put me some place at 85 degrees with 80% humidity.

    I'm glad I work at home, I don't get into any of the office politics, indeed something I do not miss at all.


    1. When I taught school, I kept the classroom warmer than I liked. I always felt being cold was more miserable than being hot. This was before menopause, lol. Now, I have to live in a cold house. I do feel for my sister.
      This election is a hot mess. Congress will earn it's money by having to have a little leadership after this election. But I agree about voting, I vote regardless. I have always prayed I vote for the best.

  2. I can't vote for Hilary because she's a criminal. Either way, we won't be getting a winner. We'll just have to pray we survive the next four years.

    1. We will survive. I think one thing the Trump has done is bite the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson and others that are putting way too much money in politics. It has just about destroyed the office of President. I can see a future where we no longer have a President, just congress and the supreme court.

  3. The film festival sounds real fun. Sometimes i question if anyone is good for the job of president.

    1. I have thought someone had to be a lunatic to want to be President or Queen of England.

      The festival is great. I finally got to go today. I only saw a panel. Once again, delays galore but the air conditioner works.

  4. Yeah, all the mass produced stuff usually isn't that great. You got a dumb arse that talks down every other race and who can't manage money and a criminal. Good luck with those options.

    1. I think Hilary is what all politicians are at heart. I don't think she is a criminal. She is not the best but she is much better than Prince Trump. It is going to rock and roll here in the states until November. With racial unrest, I do hope Trump isn't elected. His rhetoric is too incendiary. I live where there are more black people than white. I'm not afraid of anyone but unrest affects everyone.

  5. Hi human, Ann,

    Office pawlitics, yuck! My human dad got subjected to a lot of that sort of stuff. And when we switch on our TV's in the UK, it's full of your American pawlitical rubbish. We have enough of our own pawlitical silliness to contend with. Wonder if you guys get live coverage of our pawlitical stuff? Nah, doubt it.

    What a crazy world. The Macon Film Festival sounds like a pawsitive distraction from it all.

    Take care and try to have a peaceful weekend, my kind human friend.

    Pawsitive wishes,


  6. I remember my first job as a waitress. We night shift waitresses had a running battle with the dayshift. What a bunch of silly girls? Thanks for dropping by Gary. Just pretend the American politics is a combo dramatic horror story. Then change the channel. Cheers mate.

  7. Aw, I would have insisted we go to the film festival! A single day of play can drive away the pressures long enough to refresh and re-group for things like who wants what, and what's wrong with the A/C. But you rose to the occasion anyway and that's a real good thing ;-) Dinner out with your brother was an excellent idea!
    Politics in general, are polarizing. Just the nature of the beast, I suppose. Opinions are tolerable until you are expected to adopt them as your own. Then it's tyranny. I'm voting for America.
    It's always a treat to read your posts, Ann! Thanks for sharing these peeks into your world :-)

    1. It just gets so hot in July here. My sister really suffers with no AC. I have thought of getting her a window unit. She is so hot natured.
      Play is certainly good for clearing the cobwebs in your mind. Thank you so much for your kind words Diedre.

  8. I don't reach for the bestsellers anymore either. I love trying new writers. My husband and I have turned off the news during the conventions. I'm so tired of voting against someone rather than voting for someone.

    1. I wasn't going to watch the Democratic convention. I said that about the Republican convention too. I'm just bad to surf the internet and let whatever come on the television. Then when the speech begins I listen.
      But I got a loaded Kindle which I haven't picked up in awhile and that is what I will be doing most evenings with the television off. I'm reading J. L. Campbell from Jamaica today.


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