Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Big ole Mother's Day is coming.

May is an exciting month. My birthday falls on Mother's Day. I would like to say I noticed this first; but, it was my mother. I remember when I was 6 or so, my birthday was on Mother's Day and I was so happy. I reveled in knowing I was born on Mother's Day.

As a teenager, I humored the old gal.

As an adult, I appreciated how much my mother loved me.

At 62 and 87, we are going to have a "whoopdedoo" party with no one but the people and dogs living in the house with us.

We are celebrating mother's day in the grocery store with one brother. We all stress him out. This way we don't have to sit down to eat in a public place, have him complain about the prices, and have him insist on paying. We will call him Mr. Particular.

The other brother can come on the official day. However, we are probably going to meet up with him a week before and drive to have a dinner with him. He is convalescing from losing part of a foot. He has a vascular problem which could be the result of the use of Agent Orange from the Vietnam War. We will call him Brother Buck after the character Uncle Buck in the movie of the same name.

It is humbling to get older. And a terrific thing too! This spring, arthritis has begun rumbling which is more depressing than painful. This wasn't supposed to happen to me. I can't say Time is a thief. I've made hay while the sun shined. And I'm still here with a sound mind. Mom has a good mind too.

One of the most satisfying things in life for me is I've learned to embarrass my brothers. I know their buttons. You're never too old to think like a child I must say.

One is embarrassed by my politics. Although I am a moderate, he thinks I am a LIBERAL. (I looked on the Facebook profile of me. It said I was a moderate which was a relief.) The other is a moderate too. He thinks I am snooty. All I got to do is drop my drawers and pee in his front yard. Good news, I'm still young enough to know that stuff belongs in a movie!

But Mother's Day is mine this year. Everyone else will have to defer to me. However, if they will agree to spend the night and take care of mom and everyone a couple of days. I could change my mind.

How is your Mother's Day going to be?

And my condolences to those of you who have lost your mom's. I remember a child in the 8th grade who lost her mom that year. I did not feel the full impact of how bad that was until my father passed. You do lose your best friend.

Mom's dogs Daisy and Jobelle will be guests of honors at the big whoopdedoo.


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