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Zeitgeist 2018

The zeitgeist of 2018 has to be strong rumblings followed by sighs and upheavals, sort of like an Earthquake and it's aftershocks.

I read a recent Facebook story where the man firmly asserts his righteousness and being a virtuous person to his fellow man. But he lost me. He started giving an opinion on politics.

I get his drift, you know what I mean jelly bean. I've worked apologist logic too. There comes a point you accept that what will be will be. It all boils down to where you stand as an individual.

My observation about people and politics is that it sometimes has more to do with a cultural inclination that is hard for anyone to change. Realities cause and affects are going to happen no matter what. I like the idea that Jews eat something sweet and something bitter during Passover. Life will have it's sweet and bitter moments.

The rescue of the children trapped in a cave in Thailand gives us all something to rejoice. You can imagine those poor kids. You know they had …

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