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Big ole Mother's Day is coming.

May is an exciting month. My birthday falls on Mother's Day. I would like to say I noticed this first; but, it was my mother. I remember when I was 6 or so, my birthday was on Mother's Day and I was so happy. I reveled in knowing I was born on Mother's Day.

As a teenager, I humored the old gal.

As an adult, I appreciated how much my mother loved me.

At 62 and 87, we are going to have a "whoopdedoo" party with no one but the people and dogs living in the house with us.

We are celebrating mother's day in the grocery store with one brother. We all stress him out. This way we don't have to sit down to eat in a public place, have him complain about the prices, and have him insist on paying. We will call him Mr. Particular.

The other brother can come on the official day. However, we are probably going to meet up with him a week before and drive to have a dinner with him. He is convalescing from losing part of a foot. He has a vascular problem which could be th…

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