Monday, March 16, 2020

Theme Reveal - About the House.

Social Distancing is for the birds. Suddenly, my homebody lifestyle is ready to travel. Well actually, I always want to travel. It's just this little thing called money and responsibilities that ties me to my home. A house full of dogs and cats keep me busy too.
I currently have the widow dog at my feet. She mourned my brother, but she has adjusted to her new home. Her breath stinks when she barks at me to get up and do some mysterious chore for her. I've told her "heck no" we are not trampling through the weeds and briers of the woods.
She didn't eat her dog food this morning. I was cooking a roast beef. She was waiting for a better offer. I have to feed her around 5:30 PM. She barks at me and looks at the stove repeatedly. I know what my brother did at 5:30 most nights.
Anyway, I'll be making periodic posts on my Facebook page about good blogs that I enjoy reading and other flotsam. Naw, it is not like I got that much free time. I am behind as usual. When I die, I predict someone will light a match to settle my affairs.
I set up a Facebook page to build my platform as I wrote the great American novel. That novel has sprouted stories much like the snakes of Medusa's head. The story I chop off and finish is the real mystery. Platform is my comic relief. I'll go out and look for Perseus in the night sky for inspiration on how to handle this monster my writing has become.

Meanwhile, my theme for 2020 A to Z will be ABOUT THE HOUSE. It is blogging as normal for me. You'll wonder if I have more snakes in my head than Medusa had on hers. HeHeHe

Hopefully most will be tongue in cheek. Some people are possessed by Demons. Me, it is a squirt of a dog.

Cheers and I hope we all avoid this Corona virus. Real life and adulthood are close to the same thing. I still got my mom so I am still a bit sheltered from real life. I may take care of her but she still likes me to brag about myself to her.


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