Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Daisy been doing some twerking

Now we have a delicate name for a delicate dog hunching the other dog. We tell them to stop twerking. Daisy has such a gentle little face and weighs 6 1/2 pounds. She also twerks her sister Buttons whenever she can. Who knew she was a trendsetter.

Miley Cyrus has the same manager as Brittney Spears. Let's all do the math.

Why the shock to the awful grind? Could it be her Southern roots? Afterall, you're a lady or a tramp. no in between. Could it be the skinny little body which is reminiscent of a teenager's body.

Could it be Cyrus is not being who she really is?

She would be part of the majority at this point. I never really bought into actors being typecast. It's more like they had 15 minutes of fame and didn't recognise it.

Some entertainers have lifelong careers. They also have the bankroll to finance projects in which they star. They study their craft so they can believably play more roles. Then promote the venture. Have you ever noticed the more they advertise a movie, the more likely it is a yawner.

One thing I like about is Joan Rivers is her honesty. When asked how she chose projects? She said she took whatever came up that was available. She seized opportunity.

Twerk and twerp sound very similar. We all need to think before we twerk. Being a lifelong nerd, I know from experience.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Got a new coyote or two.

I had missed the old coyote's call for quite a while. Late in the evening or early in the morning it would give it's injured wail for my dogs. One evening it caught me unaware several years ago in the field west of my house. I'm walking with my dogs and I hear it. Muffin is beside the woods where the call originates.

Four small dogs and three large dogs. I pick up the youngest of the small dogs because my brother would be so upset if the coyote got it. Somehow, Muffin is at my feet making two tenth's of a mile change in position within a matter of seconds.

I walk with my dogs in a tight formation. Two large dogs in front and the largest in back. Three small dogs at my feet. When we round the woods the dogs just casually fall out of formation. The one I'm carrying wants down. They reacted to the danger and knew when it was over.

Last week I saw a coyote eating pears from a tree in the back yard. I hope the field camera got good pictures. I'm having difficulty loading the internet provider software on the new computer. When I get that fixed, I will download the photos and post any interesting ones.

This morning I heard the new coyote. Different voice but the same message. The animal changed the location of its injured status in three areas quickly. I suspect there is more than one. I am working harder on a small fence in my backyard. The chi chi's are fierce. proud, and possibly good coyote eating.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mosquitos and a prayer chair.

I watched the tail end of a Super Soul Sunday with Oprah. The reverend suggested a prayer chair. I thought, it is in the quiet I've made some of the most life changing decisions in my life. Living with people and too many pets makes the idea of solitude absurd.

I had my Boduke and a guest dog, Boo Boo on a short walk in the woods today. I thought I could put a chair in the woods and meditate. Listen for wisdom as the wind swooshes through the upper canopy of leaves.

I have a problem neighbor who is very aggressive and is working hard to shoot my dogs. As big of an a-hole as he has been, I know two things about him. 1. He is a liar. He will say and do despicable things to me but he will sing like an angel to others. 2. He has called the sheriff to me and made false accusations. My dog is terrorizing his horses and I am vandalizing his fence.

How do you manage someone like this? I know I could talk "sh-t" - I am getting a hell of a lot of writing from this. Experience tells me the facts. He is good at this. Been doing it a long time. He is a pro and I am an amateur.

Yesterday, we heard rounds of gunfire and shotgun blasts after we returned home. It has dawned on me someone cannot just fire a gun wildly. At one time it was a predictable pattern, then he did it occasionally. Of course it could be someone standing next to his property line creating the uproar.

In short, I stay out of his eyesight. I have my own property to walk my dogs. The dog in question stays on a leash. My conscience is clear in that I know where the dog has been. It will not stop the accusations but as my lawyer told me. He has to prove it was my dog.

This is why I have needed a prayer chair. Walking in the woods, I asked the question. How do I mend the relationship with someone so underhanded and hostile? I realized he is damaged. He has lost total faith in other people if not worse.

I sat down in a chair I keep at the wood's edge. Mosquitos swarmed me. I went back to the house with the two dogs.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Helen is out, Judd is in

I'm still engrossed with Big Brother. I have also started watching the Sopranos. I've yet to get my internet on my new computer. My house is looking cleaner.

Last night Helen was voted out of the Big Brother House. The competition for Head of Household also allowed one of the four jury members to return and it was Judd.

I think Judd would be the most interesting. The remaining house members seemed to not notice him. It would have been great if he was head of household. Elyssa is head of household. Andy is being so obsequious to her. Of course, he is primo "tattletale" to Amanda. I would love to see Amanda blindside him.

Elyssa needs to nominate Amanda and McCrae. But she will probably nominate Aaryn because she doesn't like her. Meanwhile, she will be chosen to be taken out by Amanda the next week. There are so few people that the voting block of Andy, Amanda and McCrae controls the game.

It's hard to see the big picture when we are in the middle of things.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lines in the Sand

Well, one of the best will be voted out of Big Brother this week. Helen is a great player and incredible with social skills.I felt a little disturbed that her friend and partner Elyssa will not be the one voted out.

Elyssa is not the strategist or has the personal connection with other players to really be the true winner. Helen is. I was disturbed she would not play to the game and make nice with Aaryn for her friend and the game's sake. Then I saw the comments of Arryn and GM.

Arryn and GM took cattiness to a new level by getting racist. Of course they both have lost their jobs as a result. Aaryn will not get to Hollywood as easily with her BB15 appearance. Elyssa did not like Aaryn to begin with and the comments sealed her judgement of the two.

Paula Deen made public statements several times crying over having used the "n" word. Honestly, people of her age group used the word. People who said they didn't have a convenient memory. I remember my mother considered the word cursing.

After 1970, the world had changed and there was societal pressure to not use the word. A politically connected teacher used it while I was in high school around 1972. He kept his job by the skin of his teeth. As a public school teacher, I followed the news and every once and a while a clumsy reference or use of the word, someone in the public eye would lose their job.

I saw innocent people be tarred and feathered over the word. I had African American colleagues take my side when another African American co-worker had it out for me. Life is luck, learning, and planning.

The race card is a violent one. I've seen manipulative African American parents accuse African American teachers of racism. One of the saddest ironies is that people who suffer racism often have no voice. It has reverted to an insidious, sneaky form.

I know why Paula Deen cried so hard. She may have been crying for herself. She may have been crying because she has experienced rejection herself. Face it, restaurant work is not glamorous unless you are the boss and making lots of money.

Paula Deen probably has a lot of respect for an excellent server or cook. She has made "bocoodles" of money with their finesse. We are a funny society. We respect money. We don't respect hard work.

Anyway, I can understand why Elyssa did not want to sit with Arryn and Gina Marie.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Helen had a meltdown.

I'm still watching Big Brother after dark. Some of the drama plays out. It is fascinating that they build a show based on snippets of activity and diary room sessions.

I fast forward through commercials. And yes I sleep through some. My dogs lie on the couch with me.

These kids, spend a hundred days in the house. The ones who exercise seem to handle the stress of the peculiar better. The ones voted out before jury lose monetarily. They win in not having to live with people they may not like, the insincerity, being away from your family ...

Helen's friend has her limit. She really does not like another houseguest. Winning is not worth pretending to like her. Helen has done the best job of building relationships.

Helen has been caught scheming against Amanda. They had the chance to vote Amanda out several times. Now she runs the house.

Oh well, the folks in Egypt have got bigger problems. I think about people my age in Egypt. Starting their fortunes over.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Big Brother

I've been busy slugging away at keeping my head above water. Sometimes I just give up and float.

Engrossed in the television show Big Brother. I usually tape Big Brother and Survivor and then there is a 1 in ten chance I will fast forward through them to see the characters, who wins, and a few blah blah blahs. I have not only watched the taped shows, I have watched half of the Big Brother at night on TVGN.

Maybe a waste of my time.

I don't know what has engrossed me the most. My man Howard was voted out. I certainly don't care which one wins. After all the scheming, you lose respect for them. I feel the most for Gina Marie. Howard had the most respect for her too. There is a sincerity she cannot totally walk away from.

One gal wants the money very badly. I have that feeling that if she won it, the money would be gone within a year and we would hear her sob story of her car being repossessed. I would like to be wrong.

But IM not so HO, it is better to work regularly at the Dairy Queen or greasy spoon or job that is regular than be hitching your wagon to a star. Clearly, the folks are cast and hope to spin a career off the opportunity.
In ways, I sold my soul to retire with a pension. That creative part of me packed into a maddening corner. When I first released it, I felt a relief and and unsteadiness at first. Like everything in life, my choice was a double edged sword. I have money to live on which is great especially in your fifties. I never pursued my dreams.

Other than Spencer on Big Brother, I have no dog in the fight. My three contenders have a snowballs chance in hell of winning. Sort of like my messy house getting clean. LOL. Anyway, I hope to have the interior spiffed up by the end of August. The outside by the end of September and a cleaning lady to come once a week afterwards. A girl can dream.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back from a break in internet.

Life is hectic for everyone. I have to take a break from the internet now and then. I am infamous for scrolling the newsfeed of Facebook and not doing what needs to be done but hey there is no emergency. I could use a few people to threaten to visit me to get my house in order.

Frankly, it will be in order when I move. I just lack the organisation and "hop to it" genes. Not a deadly combination just an eyesore.

I don't have the software for my ISP and the computer that works and is connected works when it feels like it. I had considered getting a different internet service which I may but I have learned the hazards of using the ISP email address. I got to get a more permanent email address which I actually use. Transfer a great deal of my life over to it.

When I started, I never realized how big an email address would become for me. I use it in so many ways. What a great knockoff of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's famous sonnet I could make using this idea. However, I would never spoil one of the English language's most loved poems.

I want to thank everyone who sent me a private message. Like many people, I have made some dear friends on the internet. Taking a month off has helped me see the forest instead of the trees. I called myself being undisciplined. I now know, I will take a week off every two months and post less. A little introspection is good.

I have been working on my screenplays of which one more has developed and and another one is dancing in my mind. Soon, I will have quite a selection of unfinished work. LOL, life is good and I wish the same for you.


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