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Patience Please

Nail Salon Blues

Life is the Journey

Fishing in time

Redbird Haiku

Yard dog Grooming Club

We're all in trouble.

Three times the charm - Blackberry Pie

Ambient blog posts rule

Poodle Grooming Club

Keeping on Keeping on

Life's goalposts.

There is never enough time and the corn is green.

Summer Winds

Brand new blue corvette

Rambling on a tight schedule

Five Amazing Facts about Deserts by Kathryn Lance

10 things I learned in Pottery Classes - Cindy Douglass

Moonlight, Moonbright

My mother is not feeling well

Holiday from political snark.

Alligator Hunt


Jealousy is a painful thing.

Hazards of a teaching career.

Day 5 of the Blogathon - Theme: Your Favorite App - yeah right.

Super Freak.

The well is out.

Blogathon Day 1