Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Well it's Wednesday Again.

I've come across a poetry blog and as a consequence been on a poetry writing binge. Well writing one poem binge. They do not come out that fast for me. I have two other poems that are works in progress..

Sort of that adage about the company you keep.

I was trying to write a quick story as an offshoot to a story I was writing for IWSG's Anthology. I will not finish in time. Plus the story may become a novella. Funny how a quick little story grows. The length of the story is 3000 to 6000 words. The deadline is November 1st. When I write, I usually have to cut about half out. So it just depends.

This is how my writing for contests go, I never get them done in time. But sometimes, I get a story in good condition written. I was much better off when my plan was to write my great tomes of science when I retired from teaching.

I've been spending the night  at the hospital with my sister. I thought I would get her papers organized and a whole lot written. As you can guess, none of that is happening. I drive home during the day to get a little done, take care of my animals, visit with my family and by the time I return I am tired. I'm tired from sleeping in this hard recliner chair in my sister's room. It worked fine the first two nights. I've had long enough to have real complaints now.

I had been helping my sister with cleaning up in the room, helping her with using the bathroom. One day I came in tired, so I let the nurse change her diaper. This is when I learned, it was important my sister learn to use her call button. As a consequence, I've learned to be a nurse critic. When watching, it is easy to notice what others do wrong. One nurse always spills my sister's bedpan. That armchair quarterback in me is yelling "slow down" in my mind. Mind you, her diaper looked like a six year old did it when I was doing it.

My sister is getting better, she is giving me instructions on how to clean her room. I'm pleased that she has called a nurse to help her get up and into her wheelchair. She is in rehab hospital. One of the physical therapists was able to get her to stand and move to her wheelchair the first day. However, it takes two nurses to help her transfer in the morning. Mostly from the fact that they are rushing and trying to do it without a plan. Yesterday, I broke my rule and intervened. I put the wheelchair where it was supposed to be. It went much better. Today, I have wheelchair in place.

What am I learning from this, I don't want a stroke and I need to lose weight. Being overweight, it is hard for the nurses to move you. My sister is in a real battle. Like many battles she does not comprehend what she has in front of her.

Yesterday morning, they wake her up at 5:30 am for her bath, It is 7:20 and she has fallen asleep. They will wake her up around 7:30 to move her to her wheelchair. In the hallway, it is constant scurrying. When you are use to doing for yourself, it is hard to be patient. In the next room, I hear the nurse yelling at patient "sit up, sit up straight" She'll be in shortly to yell to my sister the same thing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I've been to the bridge

I’ve been to the bridge where the water overflowed.
The road with swirling eddies and an ice cold grip
Steadying my step the river carried my load.

The water was calm and steady in the road
It would not stop my trip
I’ve been to the bridge where the water overflowed.

The large fallen tree in the river’s lift slowed
To bobble at the bridge’s lip
Steadying my step the river carried my load.

Heart and desire would goad
A passion as strong as any kinship;
I’ve been to the bridge where the water overflowed.

I stood, waited, gathered my hopes
Bowed to a current so mighty my dreams would slip
Steadying my step the river carried my load.

Returning without a rainbow
Those memories will never fade
I’ve been to the bridge where the water overflowed.

The road with swirling eddies and an ice cold grip

I decided to participate in a poetry blogroll. I've been working on this poem for awhile. I'm not quite pleased with it yet. But this is my progress.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A New Normal

Saturday, I found my sister disoriented on her kitchen floor. She had had a stroke. I had come by her house the day before and knocked. Her dogs were there. I assumed she had gone out with a friend. I now know she was probably there at that time.

Where do the years go? One problem with getting older is that your siblings and friends are there too. I know many who have lost a sibling. My sister is still here. But she has permanent damage to her eyesight due to the stroke. The other symptoms will improve over time. She's ready to leave the
hospital. She is in no shape to go anywhere.

I have told all my family members that I will barge into their homes when they don't answer the door. Hollow words in that the damage was done. If she had gotten treatment shortly after the event, she may have recovered better.

Meanwhile, I'm still rescuing dogs. Two red tick hound puppies were walking down the road. When I stopped my car, one ran to me. The other one ran to hide. When I come down the road now, I am seeing it. I have left food out. This morning it squealed at me before running off. I hope it comes back for it's food and water.

As good as the world can be, right now it feels like a crappy place. Why have you got to have sorrow. Why does the dog always die in the movie?

So I'm here, with a red tick hound curled under my chin. A small creature who has learned in two days here that it wants to get in my chair with me and be comforted. It is inordinately curious about my trashcan outside. I wonder was mom a trashcan robbing stray that got killed. This puppy is too young to be from it's mother.

Grief comes in spurts. My mother is not taking it well. When we came back from grocery shopping, she was shedding tears in the car. Her dog Daisy had returned to the car to comfort her. Like so much, when it happens to you, it cuts deeper and bleeds more when you have time to think.

So my family is getting a new normal.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Darlene trumps the debates.

I watched the vice presidential debate tonight. But there is a bigger piece of news I need to share with everyone. It's even bigger than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's custody battle. But I don't think I am going to hear from People magazine.


At the end of the road I live off of, she has been standing watching traffic on HWY 96 which is a large divided highway. She appeared to be looking for someone.  Long story short, she ran when I got out of the car to feed her. I told myself, I would have a harder heart and only feed her. Perhaps dilly dally her presence to local rescues. They were all overloaded this summer. So I was going to do what many do which is to put food out there until someone gets her.

Well, we came home yesterday afternoon, and she was in front of my house. My driveway is 1/3 of a mile long. I live about a mile and a half down from where she was hanging out. Initially, she ran from me. I shook a bag of dry food. She was interested. I put some food on the front walk.

When I came back to the car, she was my new best friend. Today, I have been trimming the excessive matting on her fur. I've got her in a cage in the house for tonight. Just a lovely personality in about a thirty pound package. As I cut her hair, I noticed, she knew how to hold her head for trimming. I plan to take her to the vet for shots on Thursday. With luck, she will have a chip. People do dump dogs here. But sometimes, dogs do get lost. Her hair was a matted mess. I cut through mats filled with briers.

I learned a lot the last time I rescued a dog. I can't keep the dog. I am at my personal limit. The one thing in Darlene's fate is she is not a pit bull but a cute terrier which people are not afraid. I'm also dealing with this with more confidence. When I start advertising her, it won't be please take this dog. It will be, this dog is the bomb and she costs money folks. Since she has long hair, whoever owns her must be willing to spend a little money at the groomers.

For a shaggy vagabond, she got pretty indignant when I gave everyone a potato chip but not her.

My family is not too thrilled with Darlene. My dog Duke is aggravated. He's also aggravated that I bought him a new collar. Sort of like how most of us feel about this election. I'll be glad it will be over. I've noticed only a few stalwarts constantly post political memes. It is sort of like most have decided it is too hot of a potato to handle.Frankly, I enjoy the wilder memes. Where are all the Jill Stein and Gary Johnson memes?

I'll posts photos of Darlene when I get all the matting off. We got maybe over half off today. She just got too stressed, so it was time to quit. But she is clearly half the dog she was. One thing I can say about the debate tonight. The dog is a better topic. She is cleaning up to be a handsome girl. I don't know about this election. Neither one of them had a plan to mend fences. Maybe Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can give them some tips in People magazine.


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