Saturday, May 22, 2021

Life is Good

     Well we dodged a proverbial bullet on my birthday. The day before my mother wanted to eat some Japanese food and it made her ill. I'm agreeing with her that it was a bit of food poisoning. (My developmentally delayed brother is the only person in the family that will argue with mom. When you look at family photos, my mother has him next to her with her arm around him.) Truth is, the food was too oily for her stomach. I fear what makes Japanese and Chinese food tasty are meat renderings. 

   We like a dish called company cabbage. You add a bit of vinegar and bacon to the cooked cabbage. When carrying the leftovers from the dining room to the kitchen I got a whiff of Chinese food. Hence I discovered one of the magic ingredients in Chinese food is probably bacon grease. My former night school students who worked at restaurants told me they coated potato skins with bacon grease before they were cooked to create a popular appetizer at that time.

   It truly is very scary with a 90 year old parent. I spent the night in her room. Before going to bed, she told me she was scared of dying. I told her that was quite reasonable. She was having difficulty breathing and had only taken one of her meds that day. So I had her take her water pill with her portable toilet by her bed. We proceeded to sleep. I slept through her getting up and down to deal with the water pill. At 3:30 am, I woke up and thought it was morning. Took a few dogs out and looked at the time. I decided to lay down on my bed for a quick snooze and woke at 7 am. When I returned to my mother's room, she was back to normal. I cheered her up. Did she want to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

  So once again I went to my personal purgatory. I purchased sodas but somehow I filled my buggy with other items. Mostly I sat in the car with the dogs until my sister returned. She loves the grocery store too. We shop at a Kroger that sells housewares, clothes, shoes. It is a great one stop shop similar to Walmart without the electronics department. I had two books with me. I am reading one that is "meh". I plan to finish to broaden myself. Isn't it bad luck to not finish a book. 

   "Little Scarlet" by Walter Moseley is calling my name. I look at that sleek red cover, oh my. Oh my, I'm definitely 65. Walter Moseley's sleuth is Easy Rawlins. I'm hoping he proves to be interesting. I saw Walter Moseley speak in the online Bouchercon this past year. He has a cool voice which I expect to hear as I read. I am hoping to go to Bouchercon this next August in New Orleans. It is a 6 hour drive which is reasonable. 

  It is a funny feeling when your mother who announced every year I was her best mother's day present has forgotten my birthday. This is the second time, so the sting is not there. And then, she asks me about my birthday a few days later. My mom's younger sister who is 79 has told her she has Sundowners. What is it with siblings? Fortunately, my mom thinks it is a family thing and is easily cured by a cup of herbal tea. My mother had a bit of disorientation when she was hospitalized about two years ago. This is when my aunt made the diagnosis. 

But where does time go. I think I'll have my mother awhile. She really is of sound mind for the most part. She does remind me to attend to some financial affairs of hers. But that decline is something I recognize even in myself. And for the record, I am not a big birthday person. Now if my brother Tim was alive, the day would have been celebrated Covid or No Covid. 

We have been to the regular doctor and heart doctor. Things are looking good. Both men are very good men. Mom spent her time at the heart doctor explaining how she made soap back in the day. He basically told me to keep good records of her blood pressure so he could tell how her meds were working. 

Today in the grocery store, there was a very cute and grumpy little girl who was say a year old. I smiled and waved at her. She liked that. We took turns waving at each other. Sometimes, I get to be a teacher again where I learned some mystical body language that appeals to children. When I see young girls with their moms at the store, I remember shopping with my mom and the counter being something I could never see over. I wonder how many of those girls will be shopping with their mom for the fun of it when they are 65 and mom is 90.


Saturday, May 1, 2021

 I don't boycott stores or products. Like many people, I lost my taste for tuna when I heard that dolphins were being caught in tuna nets and drowned. Apparently, I was not alone in that years? later; tuna cans would say they were caught by dolphin safe nets. 

I lost my interest in Woody Allen films when it was revealed he was dating his step daughter. 

But not buying products because of politics has no effect on me. Yes, I would like to see the person who paid for the hotel rooms for those who stormed the capital be prosecuted. But contributions to politicians do not concern me. It does concern me when someone who lives on limited funds make large donations to anyone. 

I know of an older couple whose home was being sold to settle debts. They had borrowed money to give to missionaries. A piece of me thought those missionaries should be sending them some money to help them. That moves to my thoughts about maybe there should be legislation to prevent this.

The political angle does not bother me in that I have a minority opinion where I live. I vote for either political party but I have an inclination to vote Democrat. My opinion is both parties are corrupt. I don't believe in the Democrap and Repugblican philosophies. They are human beings and they have to ride the bandwagon to be elected to be a part of government. 

I have had people to not be my friend over politics and that bothers me. I liked them regardless of their politics. But they have done me a favor. They were not my friend. Sometimes I recognize a kindred spirit who I don't agree with in politics. I have wondered if I would be a conservative where liberalism prevailed. Anytime you have a preponderance of people following a political idea; they are ripe for corruption to set it's lazy, greedy ways in.

And what got me on this topic you might ask. Well if you read this far, I should really share. It was for an over priced serving of  soft serve ice cream by Chick Fil A. I took one back into the store. I thought there had to be a mistake. It turns out, they only sell small sizes and they weight their product. Alas, here is a picture. I originally wanted to put my picture on Facebook. Then I thought, I don't boycott or do crap like that. 

Plus there are many who would be content to pay $1.25 for that tiny bit of soft serve. Not everyone is a hog like my family is. We like to buy large and enjoy ourselves. My little dog, Bo, loves the bottom of my ice cream. When we go grocery shopping, we go to Chick Fil A. Mom's dog, Jobelle, loves chicken nuggets. My 90 year old mom likes to get her dog some nuggets. 

So, I am packing dishes, spoons and a serving spoon. Next grocery trip, I am buying some good Mayfield Ice Cream. Once everyone and the load of grits is packed into the car. I am getting our ice cream out and serving everyone. 

We might have to sit in the parking lot for a bit. The dogs have to eat their cream in a controlled environment. Jobelle and Bo can get quite testy about their treats. Each thinks the other got a better dish and they don't want the other one looking at their ice cream. Ice Cream is much better on a sunny day in the car. We've got two ancient containers at home that I need to throw out.

You guessed it. None of that is going to happen. I will ask. Does anyone want me to buy them an ice cream. My brother and sister will say yes. My mom will want a frosted lemonade. I may get a frosted lemonade. But I am done with their ice cream!

We will still get Bo and Jobelle a box of nuggets. My brother and sister enjoy their Chick Fil A lunch before we go in the store. My mom and I have long been burned out on their food. 

I have an ice cream maker. I am making ice cream for mother's day. It's going to be a party. I'm buying strawberries too.

I've started reading Mark Twain's autobiography.  


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