Monday, December 31, 2012

Leaving grudges behind in 2012

oakey woods wma, houston co. GA, United States

Happy New Year.

I don't make resolutions. They have always been wish lists for me.

I found my first passport which I got in 1985. That was 27 years ago and the woman in the picture is no longer me. My essential personality is there. Its all the baggage good and bad along the way. Of course there is my youth shining through the picture.

I struggled with becoming a senior citizen. I'm a young one at 56. My fear is that I will never get the Great American Novel written. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, it was there with me all along. It was lost in this race called life.

My resolution this year is simple. Drop the grudges. Forget the hidden scorecard. I learned a long time ago that you forgive for your own benefit.

Grudges are the memories of past slights and transgressions. For me, I have not had that many personal attacks. A fellow teacher despised me. I never figured out why. I was one of few co-workers who didn't criticize the fact she was gay.

I've had people that spurned my friendship for no reason The funniest one was this man who lived in the house he grew up in. His parents were snobs to my family. We didn't go to church and we were country. He felt too big to speak to me as a 50 year old man. No one is better than another person. But I had achieved so much and he so little in comparison.

This year I had a almost thirty something to really dislike me for no reason that I know. I was born with the "like everybody" gene. I would like to say it did not bother me. But it did. I don't burn bridges out of common sense. What eats at my soul is why was I disposable?

My new years gift to myself is I am leaving grudges to 2012. I'll write that person's name on a piece of paper and write what bothered me on it if I keep thinking of it. Wad it up and throw it out with the used cat litter that day.

I did have something remarkable happen this year. As a kid, my family was haunted by a woman in the neighborhood that I grew up in. I used to think she told all the stories because she had a past which my dad knew about. I now know it was about power and the fact that she could wield it. Those that shunned us spoke volumes about themselves. Many others could have cared less.

One of the kids who was several years older talked to me this past summer. His wife was there. She was my friend in water aerobics. It was surreal. Forty years had passed from the time I had known him. Forty years ago he would have looked through me as if I were invisible.

What do you say? We talked about our families. I felt like telling his wife. Don't make him do this. This is cruel. But like me in the photograph, that teenage boy who didn't associate with the neighborhood pariahs no longer existed.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fake boobs.

I've got company coming on Tuesday. I sit trying to remember a familiar name as I peruse his Facebook page.. He has a picture of a girl on a Facebook page which I'm sure is a link to a phone sex business.  I can't be sure, I sure as heck was careful not to hit the link.

In the early days of the web, a teacher in the library watched as a student typed in the name of a hurricane in the news. She was paralyzed for a moment, it was pornography. What made it worse is they closed the browser window and it opened another window.

What stands out to me are her breasts. Like big bouncing balls. They are a supernatural sight. I wanted to post the picture here; but I don't want to fool with copyright; there should be some actor that has enhanced their body and would like free promotion.

Viola, Pamela Anderson, a woman who admits to surgically enhanced breast which are possibly her raison d'etre to stand out from the crowd.

Pamela Anderson images

It does and doesn't compare to the lithesome young gal laying on her back with huge gelatinous breasts standing upright like rotund soldiers.Pretend woman, pretend body.

Even funnier, this article by Men's Health How to detect fake breasts.  Four out of five are not bad. I am satisfied to know they slosh and you can hear the sloshing when in close contact.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Julee, Where are you?

My home phone has a bug. Debt collectors. Not for me but for a shapeless, formless Julie. The last name changes but the name Julie is still there. The first person had a first name that seemed African-American but it escapes my memory. It did have a nice sound.

This leads to my big question. Do these loan originators ever check the home phone number of the people they are giving a loan to? Do hospitals ever take the time to check the authenticity of a phone number their potential patient gives?

My home phone is an essential nuisance. I would get rid of it except that I like having a landline for several reasons. Yes, I do have the number on the government do not call list. I have gotten out of bed at 11 pm to answer one of these amorphous calls.

The latest one was a recorded call. It did give a phone number for the amorphous Julie to call if she had changed her number. I imagine if this Julie can get all this credit, I would think she would be smarter than that.

Revisiting high school

I grew up in a small town in Georgia a little like the mythical town of Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon. Warner Robins, Ga was a great town for young people. We had great mentors, we were far enough away from the troubles of a big city and there was an idealism nurtured in all of us. Our parents had steady jobs at RAFB and surrounding businesses.

I returned to Warner Robins when I was 44. My dad had passed away and my mother needed help. I have two handicapped siblings. I had the best job situation I had ever had but I as you get older, your social life dries up. What attracted me to the Atlanta area just did not shine as bright.

I made the big move several months before my mother had become semi-invalid with an arthritic back. She got better and more mobile. Broke her hip a few years later and father time has made her very frail.

The family thing is like all families. At times we are dysfunctional as hell and other times we are the backbone of what is best in us all. I really can't complain. As much as I can feel irritation at one of my siblings, I know if I need help they will be there that fast. With two handicapped individuals, our family is stressed with needs.

I usually snoop on facebook. Like many things it has morphed for me. In my efforts to write the Great American Novel, it is morphing into a marketing arm.

An old high school chum referred friends to me. I had never thought of friending people I barely knew.  I have friended one who contacts me and I do not remember him. So many of us have matured and recognize the need to like as many people as possible.

What backs me up is someone who I know really really well put me on their subscriber list. They basically want to give me updates but not hear from me. That would not bother me so much but they have close to 900 friends.

A high school group has accepted new friends but my request was ignored. This does not bother me too much. One, they may not remember me, I certainly don't remember many. Two, its an anonymous faceless groups with deep comments like "Hi", "Whassup", "We had 26 people over for  Christmas." and other vague comments with little depth. Three, I'm older, you're doing me a favor if you don't want me to not include me. I'll do the same for you. Four, they could have missed my request as they approved the other eleven this week. No biggee.

Its funny how two snubs can seem more important than all those people who barely knew you, didn't know you or plain disliked you in school were ready to be a facebook friend. When I taught school, if I had a difficult child or class, it was all too easy to dwell on that and not on what went well.

I might be older but I'm not wiser. I still feel the sting of exclusion. That interesting subscription button will not be used by me. Now those invisible stars, they are handy. ;=)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I'm walking around the house with my "Husband Beaters" on

They can't be wife beaters since I'm female. I've got these sport bras that really cover more than the infamous tube top. I'm prone to hot flashes and my entire family is used to the strip tease I do around the house. Those incredibly flashes of heat are a science project in themselves.

My favorite brand of bra no longer are made. I really feel disappointed. To get the shape I want, I have to wear bras that cut incredibly and ride up. So, I guess I am moving slowly yet swiftly into that sexless creature of old age.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Its been a good Christmas.

Every Christmas is unique and changes over the years. My family acquired a new dog last July who had a litter of pups on July 21.

Checkers looked at me like she loved me so much. I now know she saw a car full of old folks and we were her ticket to lavish lifestyle. Earlier this evening, I heard a terrible dog attack in the house. I went to check. It was Checkers running the 60 pound German Shepherd mix out of my sister's room. That bed is only for her and my sister. A big improvement over living under a house.

I have two sisters. One that lives with me and one that lives in a neighboring town. An emu was loose at the neighboring horse farm about 7 years ago. The horse farm came over and told my sister who was house sitting as we were on vacation to get our emu. My sister said Oh God, don't let my sister see it. She will want it.

The mystery emu was picked up by another neighboring family from later escapes. To make a long story short, that woman was a more serious animal person than I ever was and she found a home for it within one week of owning it. It was more than she could handle. I don't want an emu. I'm old enough to learn from another's misfortune.

As long as your parents are alive, you see your siblings. This Christmas was no exception. It's good to see everyone. My oldest brother had his two granddaughters in tow. The oldest is 17 and she was the chauffeur. I might be biased but both girls were gorgeous. The youngest is going to be a veterinarian. She inherited the love of animals. Her older sister I hope becomes a teacher like me. She has the disposition.

I bought Christmas dresses for my chihuahua mixes to wear and to take pictures. It was a sloppy wet day. I plan to wait a few days and dress them up for their pictures. I don't think they know its Christmas anyway. LOL

It was a good Christmas for me. Like all Christmas pasts, nothing really went the way I had planned. The little dog knows what we older folks have to offer. I hope all of you have a good day.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Makes you want to hollar sometimes.

I got a bill for a renewal for my National Geographic subscription. I was thinking, I did not get National Geographic. The cost was 59.99 for one year. Yuck, I was canceling that. Then I read the whole thing. It was a magazine subscription service.

A year's subscription to National Geographic is $15. I guess the extra $45 is for their time and effort in making someone think they have subscription and renewal to pay.

Robert Griffin III who is the quarterback for the Washington Redskins is trademarking the phrase, "Unbelievably believable" his name and initials. Trademarking is getting out of hand at times. Travyon Martin who was killed by George Zimmerman. Mom trademarked phrases associated with the public outcry. Everything has a profit potential.

There are copyright trolls that are stiffling the production of electronics and software. Legally they make money off of copyright infringements. This is one that makes you take a step back. If they own the copyright, they have a right to be paid.

Now how did they get that copyright. One reason you don't allow your own writing to go into public domain is that someone else can copyright what you wrote and make you pay to use what you gave to public domain. Makes you want to hollar.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My email was hacked.

The fact that I opened a link sent to me should speak volumes. There is a sucker born everyday and sometimes its me.

Immediately I knew there was a problem. It was a job opportunity to earn $15 every time I posted a link for Google  or some other well known organization. Thinking I was being so sly, I opened another window to Google the company. Meanwhile every person on my contact list had received the same generous offer. Spam for their contacts and the opportunity for their email to be hacked.

Goons have a one up on you every time  They know what you will do. Exploiting your ignorance. It's not just computer viruses. It can be the plumber.

My hot water heater stopped working. I called the plumber. I paid an exorbitant price for a $10 thermostat to be replaced. $179. The guy holds the intake water pipe and looks worried. He runs water in my kitchen sink. He tells me he has rechecked my elements and the top one has blown. That will be $231. I tell him fix it. Then I think, I'll cut my losses and get a new hot water heater.

He scribbles like hell on the receipt. He doesn't reconnect the circuit breaker for the hot water heater. He doesn't want anything to blow up. Well that sounds funny.

I give myself the gift of a day to think. I sweat like a pig and take a cold shower that night. My family is doing without. I call a friend and the man who keeps my well in shape. He came and fixed my well one Sunday night. His mom was in the hospital about an hour away. He left, fixed my well, and went back to the hospital unpaid. He gives me a name.

The name came the next day when I called. He showed me how to check the elements and thermostat. Nothing was wrong with the elements. The thermostat had been set to nuclear. I turned it down as low as I could get it. He didn't want me to pay him. It made him sick that I had been overcharged and possibly ripped off. He showed me the reset button on the thermostat.

My dad told me the year he passed to toughen up. You always have stress. It made me feel sad that he was close to 80 and had to weather storms.

I will say one thing. Just because someone tricked me with my ignorance it doesn't mean they are smarter than me. It means they are missing something that makes you fully human.

I used to not believe in God. One day I realized I didn't believe in people. God was always there for me. People are always there for me too. I believe in people too.

Older and wiser. I wish those first graders in Connecticut were too. God Bless.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Some 'plaining due.

The earliest television show I remember watching on a regular basis was I Love Lucy. Ricky Ricardo would want Lucy to do some 'plaining after one of her madcap hi-jink.

Personally, I get a wee tired of the explaining. Today I went to request to pick up my mammogram to take to the doctor's office. I had been told that I could pick them up where the mammogram was done versus the hospital. Either location is a trip so I really did not care.

I make the request on Tuesday to pick them up Thursday morning. The young lady behind the counter tells me it takes 24 hours, I need to pick them up Thursday afternoon. I say, 24 hours, today is Tuesday. She continues to explain you need to come Thursday afternoon. I say, my appointment is Thursday afternoon. She says you need to come Thursday afternoon. I say, 24 hours? She says 24 hours and then we have to wait for the mail.

As she rattles off about I need to come Thursday afternoon, it occurs to me what she means. 24 hours for the mammogram films. Another 24 hours for delivery. She needed to say 48 hour turnaround. The hospital is maybe half a mile away. I tell her I can pick them up there.

When you are old, you need lots of explaining. Well old to the receptionist.

Now, I have been cleaning house, I need a coat of paint (make-up), I resist the urge to tempt fate and go home and make the request early Wednesday morning. Squaring my shoulders, I go straight to radiology and make my request. As I walk in, I think maybe I should have taken my purse with my ID.

The receptionist is so cute and young. "Do I have a picture ID?"

That caption above your head where you are thinking real loud goes off. "Hell no, what can I do with some old broad's mammogram? You're going to make me walk back to my car, looking like this. I know, I know, only the pink lady in front noticed how sloppy I was. All you kids think this is how folks like me always ...." She smiles at me and tells me to bring my picture ID to pick the films up Thursday morning. "look as good as I feel right now."

I make eye contact with the pink lady and wave as I leave.

Now this is not one incident there is lots of 'plaining going on.

One supermarket chain has a mystery coupon for a penny item on senior citizen Wednesday. My mom looks forward to this event. We are going to buy 2 for 1 grocery items whether we need it or not. Sometimes mom gets so worked up, we have to leave before the mail comes and I get my mystery coupon from the local paper. You know the motor chairs batteries get worn down my mother reminds me.

I've discussed this with the manager. He told me he can't justify getting more chairs for one day of high demand. He's rather good looking so the explaining is more pleasant.

I've timed my mother. It can take up to two hours studying the aisles of this magnificent store. I have to admit, the workers are very friendly. Could it be the $2000 the pharmacy gets from the insurance company for medicines my mom and brother take each month. All for getting 5 lbs of sugar for one cent. We don't use sugar. We're diabetics. But the Methodist food bank does.

Well the mystery item can be quite a mystery. You sort of have to look for it. Since I have a book to read at all times, I go to customer service and find out what the item is. The closer they are to my age, the more likely they make eye contact and say what the item is as they wait on the customer ahead of me.

About three weeks ago, it was a new girl. I say, What's the mystery coupon?
She tells me what the mystery coupon is. I say, no, the item. She then explains to me that I asked for what the mystery coupon was. Granted she was right. I say, what is the mystery coupon item? It's a good thing we played Simon Sez as a kid.

Like I say, we old broads need lots of explaining.

Now you're probably wondering what the picture has to do with this article.

Absolutely nothing. I jes felt like doing some 'plaining. Have a Great Day!

Monday, December 17, 2012

My what big feet you have.

My mom could hardly hide her aggravation with a woman commenting on my big feet in a shoe store. I was about 13.

I learned in high school when people asked me how tall I was to say 6 foot. It took the punch out what happened when I gave my actual height 5'9". Some were conveniently confused when they could not say I seemed taller.

Add that to short and often pudgy girls admiring how small they were compared to me. The most obnoxious one was fat and ugly. I could be equally obnoxious in my own way but I was already at a point where I felt compassion for someone else. Particularly because I truly believed I was gorgeous at the time.

When I taught school I really did not see that many unattractive children. Youth has a beauty of its own. One young man in a ROTC uniform seemed fairly homely until I said something that made him laugh. Its like a curtain pulled, and he was very attractive.

At the nail salon, I couldn't understand the Vietnamese. I could understand the motions. They were comparing their little feet to mine.

I have a developmentally delayed brother who I bring on to the nail salon. He likes having his feet done. The nail technician points out my feet are bigger than his. Now exactly what do you do with this sort of information. Put it on your curriculum vitae?

I had a mammogram two weeks ago. You basically go into a changing room and put on a hospital gown that ties. I was fairly covered. I thought about thanking them for giving me a larger gown.

During the mammogram, I guess the technician realized I had large boobs. She asks me if I would like another gown to wear in the front when I leave. I said, no. I thought, Did you see my boobs hanging out when I came in? I think not!

As my mother slowly and silently shrinks, I can know the advantage of height. I can also think of much worse things in life, one of them shallowness. I feel blessed with what I do have. Sometimes I see people disfigured, unhealthy, homeless. What happened in Connecticut is quite hard to bear. I can't imagine the pain of the parents of those innocent children. My mother keeps changing the channel to get away from it. I've seen her crying too many times over the tragedy.

My mom worked in a cotton mill in Macon GA in the late 40s and early 50s. The office staff looked down on the millworkers who happened to get larger paychecks than the office workers. She and her aunts who were 5 to 10 years older to her knew the mill was their pot of gold. Not that the work was easy, My Aunt Cleo would slip off from work and go to the movies occasionally. It was hot, arduous work.

One of the straw bosses would walk up to my Aunts and ask them how the weather was up there.

Aunt Cleo had bright orange red hair. One day he made the mistake of telling her how big her feet were.

In front of the same people he hoped to humiliate her she said,
"Mansions are built on Large Foundations. Little Shithouses are built on small ones."

Ce la vie.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Some of my dogs might be nerds.

I've read a lot of good blogs lately. Amazing some of the challenges other people have faced in their lives. One blogger, Abiding, really has had to meet some astounding challenges. What makes a good blog is strong emotion.

Many bloggers write as if you can hear them speaking and you can imagine what their voice sounds like. I feel envy and relief at the same time. Envious of the ability to put so much life in what they say. Relief in not having to endure so many setbacks.

My biggest setback is not being able to go to work. I take care of my mom and two handicapped siblings. Not exactly the life I wanted to lead. I somehow doubt I was going to be able to spend my retirement on a cruise ship. I have heard cruise ships are a great alternative to assisted living.

I worked on an independent film. The filmmaker, his wife and son were a young family with an errant dog. I had gone to his house to retrieve my laptop. This cute little dog sat on the front porch and gave me a look like she loved me immensely. Well one thing led to another. I had a pregnant dog in my car with my family. Everyone in the car looked at me like I was hopeless.

That dog is Checkers. My sister adores her. The whole family loves the puppies and now I have more dogs and dog issues which keeps me even busier. Tonight, I went on a dog food run. I have spoiled the babies with canned dog food. I take a large can and divide it equally nine ways. The 50 pound dogs are just as content with their share as the 5 pounders.

I didn't tell you that Checkers is half Jack Russell/half Chihuahua. Single pawed, she is responsible for the new leash law in Arabi, GA.

One of her puppies has a beagle look. One looks to be a full blood chihuahua with ears cocked in different directions. Another one looks like her mother. The last one who is boss looks like Yoda from StarWars.

When I came out with the food, a woman was admiring my puppies. The pit bull who the horse farm next door is paranoid will hurt one of their horses, a poodle mix who the puppies are abusing, and my elderly purebred poodle. I looked at all three. The nine pound poodle has to have the back seat by himself. Sharing is not part of his vocabulary. The bulldog and poodle mix were in the passenger seat waiting.

All three have social issues. This is when I realized they weren't just any kind of dog. They were nerds.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It Wasn't All Dancing by Mary Ward Brown

Tina Whittle of the crime fiction drama novels "Darker Than Any Shadow" and "The Dangerous Edge of Things" by Poisoned Pen Press has issued a challenge and little fun in the blogging community. Write a blog about a favorite book.

Quite a challenge, how do you choose a favorite book when you are a big reader. I personally enjoy non-fiction as well as fiction. Of fiction, I have a fondness for the novella and short story. Partly because I have a hard time laying a book down once I start. When you think of Helen Hooven Santmyer's 1000 page plus novel, "And Ladies of the Club", you are talking about some late night hours and neglected housework. However, her book was well worth it.

So, drum roll please, the book I've chosen is "It Wasn't All Dancing" by Mary Ward Brown of Alabama. It is one of the few books I reread on occasion  Like most readers, I have stacks of books I plan to get to. What makes Mary Ward Brown's stories significant is they take everyday people and share a poignant aspect of their lives.

The title story is "It Wasn't All Dancing" tells of the dying days of a former socialite, debutante and her hired caregiver. Not all heroes do heroic things. Not all heroes get recognized. We are all blind to what we don't want to see at times. Seeing a point of view not expected is riveting.

Each story in the book seem like a photograph. It takes a quick glimpse into the characters thoughts and life. It is hard to imagine ordinary people having such interesting moments or life defining events but they do. Mary Ward Brown's stories are an honest look at the South and her people as they transition from Jim Crow and segregation into the New South. I recognize these folks.

All of these people who make up the day to day lives of people in the black belt of the South have a story deeper than than the dirt roads winding through the countryside. "The House That Asa Built" was comical as well as real in detailing the frustrations of a young wife with a husband who buys a television instead of a washing machine in the late 1950's.

On a deeper level, you will love the prose. Mary Ward Brown is truly a Southern writer and she serves up the fresh trajectory of language that you expect. In "The House That Asa Built" the comparison of two tow headed children's freshly washed hair blowing in the wind like dandelion puffs stands in my mind.

Mary Ward Brown has also written a book of short stories titled "Tongue of Flames". You will enjoy everyone. I did. You will appreciate all the people that Mary Ward Brown brought to life.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Why can't I remember the post I wrote in my head while driving.

I remember when so many websites provided a free email account. It is still true. But the World Wide Web has opened up even more. You can create your own website in many forums.

I took a course in how to make money using the web. Squiddoo and Hubpages were suggested as possible revenue sites. Essentially, if you want to make money on the web, you produce your own website or work with one of the revenue sharing sites. How much you make depends on how many people click ads on your webpage or there is a tracked sale with a site like Amazon.

Honestly, you don't make money. There are a few people who work Squidoo like a job reading other lenses(webpages) and creating sales lens. I know why they suggest you donate the proceeds of your webpage to charity. It probably costs more to cut and mail the $5 check for your yearly earnings. lol

I have had much fun on Squidoo. There is a rush in the beginning with the points and there are some really lovely people who write webpages. What surprises me is the strong topics some people will choose. What disappointed me was the heavy commercial bend most people who write for Squidoo use. They are basically creating free ads for products that are sold on Amazon, Ebay and a few more affiliate programs such as Cafepress.

Some of my anathema to the heavy sales approach is somehow we have lost our way in the pursuit of consumer goods. I have a packrat mentality and a packrat's woes. My house is difficult to clean because of all the stuff I and my family members have accumulated. This is a whole nother post.

I know the root of my holding onto things is growing up without having everything. The teasing in fourth grade about my holey tennis shoes is found somewhere in my closet of too many shoes. Maybe. Most of what I bought has been on sale. The logic is that you can't find an object and when you do it is priced high so buy it why it is available and on sale.

I have one brother who throws things away. My grandmother also threw things away easily. I know my brother can't stand clutter since he grew up with clutter. My parents were packrats. I have suspected it was inherited. I don't think it was taught.

I'm not able to watch the hoarding television shows. For a packrat, it is a chilly reminder where all this accumulation can lead if I go to one too many yardsales or get sick. So, I am having a yardsale. I normally give my excess to Happy Hour Workshop yardsale and what I have may indeed make it there. It's just that some of it is furniture, a bedroom suite, dining table, sofa, clothes rack with clothes.

Yes, I'm actually unloading without moving. I'll keep my Squidoo pages. I'll leave the ads for what I think people may actually want. But, I shan't make any money with these webpages and blogs.

This is a picture of me with my trusty dog Frank. Have you ever known an untrustworthy dog? I have, her name is Louise.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Things that go bump in the night.

I had some money stolen out of my billfold that I left in my purse in my car. The car was unlocked and the purse was in the backseat. They missed two crisp 100 bills that were in the pocket next to the bill area.

What was stolen from me was much greater than the value of the money. It was the security of not having things stolen out of your car. My driveway is three tenths of a mile long. I know that sounds like I got a big place. However, it's a long lot and the people who built the house, built at the back of the lot. That means someone had to come up a ways from the road to riffle through the vehicle.

You get where you don't trust anyone. On the stat page of my blog, I have gotten new visitors. They are spam referrers. Their purpose is for you to look their URL up so they can sell you something. There are spam commenters. You are protected much better from them. I would list their URLs so you could stay away.

But the following blogs have done a much better job and why should I paraphrase something they have written so well. I promise these links are safe.

It took me awhile to understand what in the heck these sites were. At first, I thought, they are sending my blog around the blogosphere so I can get followers. Then I decided to look up what the sites were. Yes I did look up their URLs. I did not click any links. I've heard that is the big "no no". Your malware, antivirus software will begin throwing alerts here there and everywhere.

It makes me think about something my little sister did when we were children. I had folded her clothes and she was to put them in her drawers. She would resist the chore. She wanted me to do it. I demanded she do it. The next week when I changed sheets, I found all her clothes between the mattresses. She just wasn't going to put those clothes in the drawer.

As an adult, she is not like that. There are a whole breed of people who want to make a living in a shady way. The irony is if they used their smarts, they could probably make more money legitimately. I understand many of these spambots are from Russia. I really think the World Wide Web needs to be tamed in the United States with prosecution of those that make all of this malware, etc.

Ce la vie.

Friday, December 7, 2012

So much to choose from

When I was in fourth grade, I earned 16 junior Girl Scout badges. All of the adults were so impressed with me.

When I started cadettes in seventh grade, My girl scout leader asked me to not work on all the badges at the same time like I did in juniors. I worked on all 51 badges from beginning to end. Being a preteen and early teenagers, she had to coax me to do any badges as a cadette. I remember when I finally got my First Class badge for being a cadette. My troop leader had worked so hard.

I'm still in the same situation. I want to do it all like I was as a junior. I don't have the motivation to do a lot of what I should do like I was as a cadette. I have to pick what I will do and do it well.

The purpose of this particular blog is simple. Create a platform for the book I am writing. I am also toying with the idea of a blog. I have never been a diarist. Fly by the seat of my pants is more like it. There is never enough time in the day to do all you want. The steam I had in the past is poor to non-existent. So, hopefully, I can distill what I want to create using this blog.

I have another blog which will wither because it was the serious me. I had a few followers. The biggest thing I got from that blog is that I had opinions. I have always done whatever to get along with everyone. However to write I have to have a starting point and a compass. I have to know who I am and where I want to go. The other blog was my starting point. I have more confidence in saying what I think. This blog will be my compass.

These are my other two blogs

5K or bust

Science Ladybug

Ce la vie

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Live Oak

An aged oak unfurled
Limbs wider than it is high
Burling scars from limbs torn
Twists and turns, lichen frosting
Dark limbs
Leaves of winter make a show
Leaves of fall crisp below
A labyrinth of imagination
Dragons roar
Elves speak
Spirits abode
Showers carefully listed in growth rings
Bright sunny days stored away
In the lines of wood
Secrets stored
Roaring time night and day.
All that is left are the burling knots
Worn in the wind
Like stairwell bannister knobs
Of a regal home

Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting a head start on Monday.

Retiring is for the birds. The first time I retired, my dad's friends told me to reconsider. It's only fun for about a week.

I was lucky in that I was able to retire at 51 with 30 years teaching. The original plan was to work another job and double dip for awhile. What happened is the demands of frail family members got to be a full time job and I was stretched to the limit.

I was happier when I was working and trying to keep up with it all. With no time to think, ignorance is bliss.

Living in the moment and avoiding deep thought has always been my modus operandi. I don't take anti-depressants. I usually chalk it up to my dogs keeping me happy. Most of it is genetics and I had the rug pulled out from under me when I was young. The phrase, All things considered, plays heavily when you know there are worst things to bear in life.

Today is senior citizen day at Beall's Outlet. I hated the store the first time I went with a sister. Then I scored an incredible bargain. Well I was hooked. The only thing I buy now are shoes. I realize I have enough clothes to last until I'm 100.

This really goes back to having no time to think. The idea that I have about 10 well actually 20 pairs of black pants really is the result of not having clothes at one time and buying a pair because it was only 3 to 5 dollars. I'm really lucky my apple cart collapsed. There is no telling how much I would have accumulated.

We went to Roses in Macon today. It is a very old dollar store. You know they had a really neat looking dress for $8.50. I thought I could safely clothes shop there. Who knew a cheap dress with heels and the right jewelry could look so fabulous, in the grocery store, standing in line at the post office. I'm bed by 9 PM.

I went immediately to the pet department and bought a dog bed and a fetching pink, cheetah spotted fake fur for my dog, Daisy. I'll get a good picture of it and post it later this month.
This is dog fennel in bloom blowing in the wind. It's in my front yard. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Getting the right offer.

Do any of us see ourselves as we are?
Last summer I was working out at a wellness center I go to. A nice gentleman probably 5 to 10 years older than myself. I don't know age is a mysterious thing. I meet people who look older than me who are younger and vice verse

I'm always careful not to age people. It's surprising how many people never catch on. They assume they're younger when I know they aren't. They are so candid with aging me which makes me steam on the inside. Then there are the occasional few who know what I'm up to and want me to come clean.

Well this man, I'll call him Mr. Bopbag, asked me if I could get back up off the floor. My instinct was to yell, "Do you think I would get on the floor in a public place and know I can't get back up?"

The reasonable part of me knows this is a legitimate question. I deliberately sit on the floor and get back up to keep the skill. One time I was sitting on the floor with a group of students and it looked like I was teacher of the year.

The principal walked in. The only problem, it was time to get up. I just started reading from the beginning until he left. As he walked out of the room, I just stopped and got up as did the students. Starting the next lesson I thought about what they had done. I did it because I did not want that man to hear me grunt getting up. Some teacher of the year.

Back to Bopbag, I give him that name because he looks like an inflatable punching bag. He is short with a distended tummy. I wonder if his waist measurement might be larger than his height. A few red marks on his arms and cheeks. He obviously takes blood thinners. We have a nice conversation. I'm in suspended animation, ready to move on to the elliptical machine. Then the statement comes.

He lets me know he has a wife. I wasn't considering proposing. I'm old enough to know what a good catch is. I see that worn sedan he drives. His daughter works in a local grocery store and her jokes at the register do wear thin. Besides, he can't get off the floor and I can.

My 82 year old mother was talking to a 400 pound man in the pool one day. I recognize him. I just don't remember his name from high school. He told my mother he was married. She shared her disgust with me. I wasn't even talking to him in a flirty way, she says. Besides no one can replace Jack (my father).

It's inescapable. People's perceptions be what they may. I know why the meek shall inherit the Earth. They are the only folks who have a clear picture at times.

Ce la vie.

three dog office

My old timers worked the first shift in my office. Now its the two youngest and the oldest taking their duty. We've had a big dogfight this evening. It's the same fight but its that combination of a large powerful dog and a Jack Russell mix. The Jack Russell has a small injury. Her babies have taken her side. The pit bull doesn't understand why everything is mad at her. I broke the fight up. The Jack Russell is not hurt, just humiliated.

I'm glad she is half chihuahua. It brings a little sanity to a fighting fool. They say you should never leave two Jack Russells together.  I have had to train the babies to hold down the fighting to the death practice of their mother. Picking the yellow one up to break up a fight and two were hanging from that one. The yellow one went to get a better grip on her brother and attached to my arm (ouch). The gray one finally loosened her hold on the yellow one. I have separated the two many times.

It brings me back to an idea I have which is to get rid of the bulldog. Everybody is so in love with the Jack Russell mix. She is such a love. Her babies have all stopped at her dog bed to check on her. She does have a scratch on her ear. The loyalty dogs have. The bigger problem is getting the Jack Russell to stop attacking the other dogs. The bulldog is very gentle. She truly loves the puppies.

I love a gentle giant. Its the size difference and the fighting nature of a Jack Russell that is the problem. I don't believe in breeding pit bulls or powerful dogs. I saw two dogs dumped on Highway 96 the other day. Why did I not get them. I have 9 dogs already. I can't afford the dogs. Its a common occurrence on Highway 96. This is why I am keeping all of the babies. There are more dogs than homes. Looking at the local newspaper I see pictures of small breed dogs needing homes.

I know people wonder why I would even own so many dogs. They are useful. They control vermin which is good in the country. They are good for our mental health. They keep people from just coming up to the house uninvited. At the moment, they are too much work for me. I'm keeping the bulldog. I'll keep the Jack Russell and Bulldog separate. My oldest is a 9 pound poodle who is a warrior in his own right. He's almost 16 and has outlived two large dogs he would get into a scrap with.

Ce la vie.


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