We all have a Story

There must be magic in good editing.

Listening to one writer suggesting changes to another person's work, The fine line between improving a story and changing the voice is difficult.

Writers who produce the mass produced tomes are good. Too good in that so many of them lack a certain texture to what they have written. Some are too good in that the writer's work is brilliant. I had a friend in college who did not like a particular trained singer; he liked the texture of imperfection,  I'm afraid I have that preference. Perhaps a little rambling about why someone thinks the way they do or not having a story arc at all.

My recent reading has certainly ran the gamut. I'm currently reading J. M. McTeer's account of being a white witch doctor. The white refers to the magic he practiced. He would never take money for removing a hex or curse on someone. His being a sheriff and white man, your initial impression is he did this out of compassion and not out of belief. He did do it out of compassion but he had a lot of respect for the African traditions and people brought to North America from Africa.

It is a fluke I started reading about root doctors. I know the advice from childhood was to keep my distance, and something could only hurt you if you believed. My first book was Blue Roots by Roger Pinckney.

What I like about McTeer is his obvious respect and admiration. I know that I am a white woman with my culture coloring my view of the world. McTeer crossed that line. Root doctors welcomed him into their ranks and discussions.

That seeing how others think is what I love about reading. I pick up a book now and think of all the work that went into it. Looking at the cover of a paperback written by Cornelia Walker Bailey titled God, Dr Buzzard and the Bolito Man: A Saltwater Geechee talks about life on Sapelo Island, Georgia. What an attractive cover. In writing the title, I recommend a short one if you want it shared. I had to flip back a few times to get the title right.

I've been visiting some blogs. Blogging from A to Z is coming up and I will be reading. I just will not be blogging this time around. There is just not enough time in the day. If I can get a once a week post up, I will be happy.

Anyway, I am still around. I'll be around. I hope to see a lot of my blogging friends on the A to Z. Then May, I'll be the only one around with a post. lol


  1. Looks like you are also having a lot of rain, I am really fed up with now!!! Happy Easter Diane

  2. Different voices sure make it more of a range of appeal. Not posting in May? pffft the a to z is a break for me lol

  3. The A-Z is a step too far for my lazy self.
    Reading on the other hand is an addiction I indulge in daily. Education, escape, delight...

  4. The A to Z blogging thing sounds fun, but a little too much work. and some letters are hard to fill.

  5. You've certainly picked up some interesting reads.
    Not doing the Challenge this year either.

  6. Hi! I'm glad you're still around - and reading some interesting books. I like your tip about long titles ;-)

  7. As an editor myself I have to agree - it can be very hard to offer suggestions that will improve a story without changing the author's voice. Your reading list looks very interesting. I think I'll have to look up McTeer's book, you've piqued my interest. :-)

    And as fun and as exciting as A to Z is, I had to give it a pass this year too. There's just not enough time to get everything I'd like to do done. Maybe next year. ;-)


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