Good straws

The straw that breaks the camel's back.

Too much responsibility, burden, anger, hatred are contenders.

What about the small things that can cheer your heart.

A picture from Representative John Lewis' Facebook Page   shows two adorable cats trotting with him.

If you have ever owned spoiled cats, you can appreciate the bond these two obviously have with their owner. I always hold cat owners in high esteem. It takes a certain openness and love of independence to be owned by a cat.

It's small items that warm your heart. Watching a mother bird feeding her young is lighter, quicker.

Several mockingbirds stay an arm's length from me each morning as I walk my dogs to pick up the newspaper down by the road. They eat the dark blue berries of the honeysuckle vine. I've hung seed bells I bought but the birds have not been eating them.

I had a list of small items last night. They have been lost.  I'm on the lookout for pick me ups in life. What is something small that gave you joy?


  1. Having the cats walk about and try and trip me sure works at my sea haha

    1. Maybe you should put them on a leash and take them for a walk. Every cat I tried to walk immediately had a broken back and could not stand up. Cheers.

  2. My youngest son is currently the only child in residence and he's such an easy going and good-humored young man that he always manages to make me smile every day. Just little things like joking with my husband and saying 'Thanks, Mom' now and then.

    1. I loved teaching teenage boys, they were always so funny. Even the shy ones would crack a few jokes when it was just you and them. Add to that the love you feel for your children, I know he has got to be a great pick me up to your day.

  3. Hi Ann,

    Ah yes, we need to take time out and savour those precious moments. I do my best to distance myself from negative energy. It looks like his cats want him to go back and play some basketball.

    Take care, Ann.

    Gary :)

  4. Birds always give me a smile. The other morning, though quite cold here in Florida, I sat at the window while the sun warmed me by shining straight through on me. While I sat there looking outside, I watched a flock of cardinals in the backyard. That kind of morning just made my whole day happy.

  5. What a nice post. I got a text from a friend just saying she was thinking about me. Totally made my day.

  6. Snuggling with my dog, chocolate, that time early in the morning when nobody else is up and I can just sit and enjoy my coffee...with my dog!

  7. I think those cats are glued to him.
    Playing music every day on my guitar gives me joy.

  8. I love that pic. It's absolutely great.
    One of my cat's was sitting on my lap and the other one jumped up. The one that was already in place just stuck out her paw and shoved the interloper away, with a straight-armed jab. They are so funny.


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