Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Ruskies are coming.

My blog is blowing up this week.

These readers are from Russia. All of my 491 posts are being read at least four times. Sort of makes me think of Pop goes the Weasel or the game when I was a kid in which one chair was taken away. I think Vladimir Putin knows I'm not voting for the Orange Man.

Ironic in I have a few real Orange Men in my family tree. The fact they landed up in North America shows how much they were rewarded. These Orangemen were from Scotland and were loyal to the Catholic King James VII (Scotland) and II (England). Apparently this branch of my family got the boot before all the skirmishes were over. They were in North America before the 1700s. Even more irony is that their descendents are all buried in Protestant cemeteries.  The Orangemen of Ireland defended the Protestant cause.

I had a normal friend post a conspiracy theory on Facebook today. I chided him that he was slipping to the dark side. Not that I don't think some pretty shady, underhanded power plays are at work every day. It is just that some are too damn fabulous to be true. Add to that the fact that my browser and computer have been frozen from hitting some of the links. I know I shouldn't. But the more incredible, I just got to look. A friend of mine commented if you don't find a good conspiracy theory, make your own up.

I have gotten hooked on Big Brother. I watch every summer. This summer, the guests are boring. Almost all of them say the f-bomb two or three times a sentence. I sound prudish. It is more that they express themselves so poorly. Alright, I don't like cursing. Dangit!

Talk about conspiracy, almost all of them talk different to one another. They are usually voted off shortly after they become irritating, go on a power grab, get angry, get too emotional about a relationship. I do this every summer. I hate to see any of them voted off. My favorite is James. He has guts. I hope he gets HOH soon. The HOH gets to nominate two people to be voted out of the house.

I would like to see some of the power players voted off. Those in charge of putting everyone up to be voted out. There is satisfaction in seeing them get a taste of their own medicine. Everyone usually takes a safe (albeit cowardly) choice in hopes of others not wanting to kick them out afterwards. James does not take names. He blows everyone out of the water come what may. No guts, no glory.

I decided to translate this blog post into Russian and back into English for reference. Then I realized I did not know how to do that. Sort of my preemptive strike at all the nuttiness in the world. It just amazes me that this blog of little traffic could garner all that attention. Believe me, none of Hillary's emails are here. But I do know where you can find a lot of cat videos.

Facebook has also proved some of the stereotypes of cat people. Now that is a big leap. But not if you are a cat person. I know. I am a cat person with a whole bunch of dogs. So those Ruskies better not think they can sneak up on me. But my conspiracy theory will be a little wilder than normal. At least I hope it is. You can lie and tell me it is. It will not hurt my feelings. I will just get the big head and threaten all of Russia. You better not be stealing my posts.

What my posts are not that newsworthy? I'm having a hard time with my conspiracy theory anyhow.

Well Holly Berries, oh my.


  1. Interesting where your readership came from this week. I never keep track of that sort of thing. I have yet to watch Big Brother. My hubby rules the remote here and he wouldn't be interested in it. What I am trying to figure out is why I relinquished control of it years ago.


  2. If someone in Russia is reposting your posts, it might be an honor.
    There is a button where you can translate a blog post into another language, but not sure where it is. And I think it's just to read it - it doesn't make the change for everyone.

  3. lol the Russians are out to get you. Conspiracy theories can be fun, just don't go believing everyone. People who say f this and f that all the time are usually idiots

  4. I had a abnormal read tally the other day, ten times more. sometimes i wonder if it can be title.

  5. "None of Hillary's emails..." Haha! You crack me up, dear lady. Haven't yet paid attention to the tally. Now I'll have to do so. Cat people have stereotypes? Now that's intriguing, with the exception of lately, I've had cats all my life. I wonder if there is a stereotype meter somewhere, or if it's simply a matter of opinion?

  6. Hey Ann,

    Evidently, Rasputin is behind it all. Of course, the Russian President likes to sit on crackers. Yep, Putin on the Ritz.

    You do realise that conspiracy theories are a way for conspiracy theory writers to make money. Conspiring conspiracy writers or what, eh.


  7. I laughed out loud. I get a lot of visits on my blog from Ukraine. What's up with that?

  8. I need to check where my visitors are coming from, I've never really thought about it before. Maybe I'll put some vodka on ice, just in case. ;-)


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