At least I have had my shots.

This has been a rough year with bad colds at our house. Before Christmas, we all came down with a cold. It started with sister B who rarely leaves the house. I can count on my hand four locations she had been in the prior three weeks.

Usually I have a mild cold and keep the home fires burning. Well I was sick longer and the house looks definitely lived in. I start to get better and busy, my sister A has a stomach problem. You don't want the details. I have cleaned up a lot, changed adult diapers, taught school for over thirty years in which I cleaned up vomit many times and I still don't like the details.

( I know the custodian is supposed to clean up accidents, I just never liked it sitting out with the germs floating in the air. Up, out and sanitized is my theory. Plus, I never liked children to think they were too good to clean. I did not make them clean it up but it was my hope that I taught by example.

There is one exception.

I had one male 6th grader who was being outrageous at lunch everyday by overeating and then puking to the entertainment of his classmates. On the third day, I lined the children up and walked him back to clean it up. The show ended. I was curious if mom was going to complain. You're not to make kids clean as punishment. I heard nothing. Evidently, he knew better than tell his mom about his comedic ways. Most parents hold their child accountable.)

Back to our aches and pains, we all got the stomach bug except for the sister B who started the first round of colds. The only good part is that I have not eaten well and my blood sugars are great with no meds. I didn't eat day before yesterday. I was afraid my stomach would sour and I did not eat. I watched my blood sugar. It is better than usual. I didn't take the meds because I didn't need them.

So I have got pollen season medicine stocked in the house. By March 1st, I am going to be outdoors as much as I can. I want a garden this year. We don't eat much. But if the garden produces a lot, I'm sure to find someone who would appreciate the food. Fresh tomatoes out of the garden taste better than anything.

Since I have been drained from being sick,  I've read several books. My idletime on the computer has been devoted to turning in porn sites on twitter. They usually feature this woman known as Cortana Blue. I google searched her image. She is a legitimate porn producer. But her artistry? is used all over twitter. I doubt she gets paid for these far flung efforts. Talk about throwing your pearls before swine.

What is surreal is her image becomes almost like that of a robot. No humanity can be seen. I think there is a future in sex doll-robots. I would hate for a grandson of mine to have a relationship with a robot. But it is possible. We have a small rundown strip club by the interstate. The parking lot looks empty and the place abandoned by day. One night I drove by around midnight, the place was packed.

Makes you want to never complain about your son in law again. He too could be a robot. Imagine a robot programmed to irritate only you. You wouldn't have to worry about your daughter raising her children wrong. There probably would not be any children. Hopefully hubbybot would clean the house when he's not recharging in the closet.

Obviously I need to get up and get busy with these deep thoughts I am having during my convalescence. I'm sure I could think deeper if twitter let me turn in catfish. A catfish messaged me and said, "Hi, your profile makes me attractive." My profile is a dead fish; it makes anyone attractive you dummy", I could retort. But I block politely.

My favorite were the porn purveyors using a photo of Cortana Blue that liked my tweet about Cortana Blue. Didn't they know I was getting their sites off twitter. I have a ten percent wish I had kept records of the sites I reported. The actual names and twitter handles were different from what I first saw.  For about two days, no porn. I was so smug.

Then, the gift that keeps on giving on twitter, "You want to touch all of my pics big boy". What lesbians can't keep the porn business lively too?

Ok, I know, I know, I need another topic. Spring is sprouting here.

The yellow Jessamine has not started up yet. But the purple grassflowers and dandelions are rocking here. You have to admire dandelions, they bloom all winter and go to seed. A little freeze and they wilt back to bloom again a day or two later. Kind of like porn on twitter, except dandelions are real, actually pretty. They may be as prolific as Cortana Blue but their image is much more pleasant.

Ms. Blue looks like a comic book character at times. There is an endless video of her shaking her booty on Reddit, some abrupt twitching but not much of the athleticism of dance.

As you can tell, I think porn is too damn common and pervasive. I know it's about money. There is a loss in humanity. I think teenage boys and girls were better off looking over the underwear ads in a Sears catalog or a National Geographic.

The huge tragedy of nursing homes, group homes or any place that people are housed because they can't care for themselves is that lack of human interaction. It's important for those who can to visit them.

Anyway, talk amongst yourselves and if you have anything really outrageous but rated PG or G to say, please put it in the comments.

My first pictures are of the yard flowers, then a few from twitter. Which is prettier?

Daffodil in my unruly side bed

It's a shame this weed can't be eaten. It grows like a weed.

Wild Geranium

Dandelion, notice it's toothed leaves. Dens de Lion or Tooth of Lion in French
Dandelion is called "white man's footprint". It spread from the east coast to
west coast of North America soon after the first European invaders.

Twitter trophy

I feel a sadness for this girl. Her image will always be enshrined with porn.
I remember a conversation between Larry King and one the first porn stars,
Marilyn Chambers. He asked her if she would like any of her children
to follow in her footsteps. She said no. It was a difficult image and
reputation to live with. This said knowing she had become wealthy from her work.


  1. It seems it has been a big problem this year with flu, cold or whatever the bug this year is. I am now into my third month of coughing badly although I feel pretty good otherwise. Speaking to a French neighbour the other day who I have stayed away from because he husband seems to catch all that is going, he seems fine and she is coughing as badly as I am. Friends in Australia also seem to have the same problem.
    It sounds like I am better off without a twitter account, I have never had much desire to try it and reading this post I have even less reason to try it out!!
    Have good weekend Diane

    1. I do hope you lose the cough soon. I'm weary of being ill.

      Twitter is not fun to me. I have made a few twitter friends and retweeted a few folks. My only interest is to build a platform for a book or two I have not gotten close to completing. I have found very little on twitter and none of it was worth my time. I have my doubts it will help me sell books.

  2. Hopefully the germs stay away for a long while now. Vomit is never ever fun. At least hairballs are usually in one spot and as one piece lol Twitter has a big problem with those fake account things, I think one follows me every day. Stupid spammers and scammers.

    1. I'm a bit anal retentive in blocking bots and spam on twitter. I'm not that impressed with the medium. There have been a few brief flickers of fun on it. I read your book Delivered. It was a good read.

  3. Still trying to wrap my brain around you turning to porn sites.
    We've not gotten sick here and intend to keep up that streak! I've only had the flu twice in the last twenty years.

    1. I certainly hope you and yours does not get sick.

      Hmmm, I guess visiting porn sites is out of character. Actually, I did not go that far. I had a lot of these fake accounts liking my tweets and following me. I was blocking them along with spam, bots when I noticed I could report them. A bit of sport ensued. However, they still win. I report at least two a day.

  4. I have never been on Twitter.Hope you all fair well soon. I hate being ill, I try not to ever slow down.

    1. I took my mom for a regular check up. Although she is on the mend, they gave her some meds to get better quicker. We be fit in the by and by. I like to stay busy too.


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