Thursday, July 12, 2018

Zeitgeist 2018

The zeitgeist of 2018 has to be strong rumblings followed by sighs and upheavals, sort of like an Earthquake and it's aftershocks.

I read a recent Facebook story where the man firmly asserts his righteousness and being a virtuous person to his fellow man. But he lost me. He started giving an opinion on politics.

I get his drift, you know what I mean jelly bean. I've worked apologist logic too. There comes a point you accept that what will be will be. It all boils down to where you stand as an individual.

My observation about people and politics is that it sometimes has more to do with a cultural inclination that is hard for anyone to change. Realities cause and affects are going to happen no matter what. I like the idea that Jews eat something sweet and something bitter during Passover. Life will have it's sweet and bitter moments.

The rescue of the children trapped in a cave in Thailand gives us all something to rejoice. You can imagine those poor kids. You know they had to be scared. Then you could fit the queasiness in the pit of your stomach that their loved ones were feeling. The Thai people know they rose to the occasion. I love that people from different countries pitched in their might and expertise to get those kids rescued.

I listened to a joking on the View about who should be in the movie. It truly was a cliffhanging drama much of the world was held in suspense. In reading the few details coming out, when they make the movie, I will go. I truly feel they had the prayers worldwide got everyone out of the cave. The pump broke that was reducing the water level as the last three rescuers were escaping the cave.

What impressed me most with the rescue were the airtight oxygen cocoons they created for the children. One of the biggest dangers they had was a child getting panicked. Did they sedate any of the kids? Sedation would hinder their ability to help themselves. I heard on CBS news that the kids were given anti-anxiety medication.

Skilled swimmers and scuba divers navigated that cave and those kids just had to have faith. I remember most kids could not swim when I was a child. We called ourselves going swimming to play in a pool or creek. But mostly, we just splashed and played in the water. That lack of experience in water had to be a detriment. I've read where the kids wore several wetsuits to deal with the icy coldness of the water.

As thin as those kids were, swimming would be difficult with so little fat on their bodies. I remember a guy in college who the swim coach had us to walk beside to lift his body up to the surface in the pool. He was so slim, he just sank to the bottom of the pool as he swam. You had to be able to swim across the pool to satisfy a PE requirement when I was in college. It was the only way the guy could pass the class.

Before the kids were located in the cave, I talked on the phone with my older brother and he brought the topic up. I was honest with him, I was avoiding the news. It was difficult to have hope for the kids. I felt sick for the coach. He was 25. But 25 is still an age where nothing really bad can happen to you.

It is such a shame that the Navy Seal Saman Gunan died within the cave. There is such a loss felt when anyone passes but there is a special angst for someone who dies in the prime of life and offers so much to society. If Valhalla is real, I'm sure Saman Gunan got a rousing reception.

The boys were marginalized people in Thai society. I'm glad they gave the Thai's something to rally around and hopefully it will help people change how they perceive them in Thai society. One of the greater gifts of our humanity is to give a gift that you know can never be repaid. Apparently the 14 year old who did the translating was quite a scholar. I hope this bodes well to help him advance in this world.

The rescue of those kids was remarkable. Besides being happy those boys were saved. I feel a relief that so many people from so many countries and walks in life joined in wanting those boys saved. The world is still a dangerous place but we still get to experience the Grace of God.


  1. I was hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. I am very grateful to be wrong.
    Wouldn't it be nice if that global co-operation could be extended to other areas. Rather a lot of other areas.
    I can't watch the news either. And haven't been able to in quite a while.

  2. Prayer was their strength. Loved hearing it finish. We used to explore old mine vents, very dangerous, but as kids we were invincible

  3. Amazing all the kids came out a live. I still want to know what was going through that coach's mind when he took the kids into the cave despite the warning signs outside.

  4. I hope the goodwill created by that amazing rescue carries on. Though it was on the news, I wish it had gotten more exposure. There is good in this world.

  5. It's a shame that Navy Seal lost his life. He was a true hero.

  6. It's one of the few things that has brought the world together. Truly remarkable on so many levels. I echo Di, such a shame about the Seal that lost his life. Great post.
    Hope all is well, Ann.

  7. Hi Ann. You have a new look blog! It's amazing what people can get done when they get together. This was certainly a great rescue and a great high of the year. Wish we all could get behind the other crises the same way and have them sorted too.
    A very happy 2019 to you.

  8. Hi Ann: The rescue of the boys was a happy story in 2018. I hope we can have a similar happy story this yar.


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