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Anger Management is Easy!

Not a whole lot going on in the book writing department. But, I have had a few ideas.

I'm writing a play called Canadian Occupied Florida. One of the principal characters has acquired a new attribute. I was reading Janet Reid's blog about agents and the writing biz. She spent today's post discussing people misbehaving on social media in response to opinions. I decided one of the play's characters will tell people if they are right or wrong on opinions. It may mimics today's politics. But, none of this countries or any other countries' politics will be explored. It is a comedy not a tragedy.

This past week, I have been exploring anger issues. My dad loved to quote the Greek proverb that when the Gods decide to destroy you, they make you angry. The universe had a message for me these past two weeks.

It started in a doctor's office. In two days, I had accomplished 7 appointments for family members and number 8 was me at the dermatologist. I called the sheltere…

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