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At least I have had my shots.

This has been a rough year with bad colds at our house. Before Christmas, we all came down with a cold. It started with sister B who rarely leaves the house. I can count on my hand four locations she had been in the prior three weeks.

Usually I have a mild cold and keep the home fires burning. Well I was sick longer and the house looks definitely lived in. I start to get better and busy, my sister A has a stomach problem. You don't want the details. I have cleaned up a lot, changed adult diapers, taught school for over thirty years in which I cleaned up vomit many times and I still don't like the details.

( I know the custodian is supposed to clean up accidents, I just never liked it sitting out with the germs floating in the air. Up, out and sanitized is my theory. Plus, I never liked children to think they were too good to clean. I did not make them clean it up but it was my hope that I taught by example.

There is one exception.

I had one male 6th grader who was being outrag…

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