Hurricane Sally roared through Wednesday night. No damage, no loss of power, lots of water, no tornadoes. It went well for a powerful storm in central Georgia. There weren't many trees downed due to softened soil and the high winds. Of course the gulf coast had a more violent experience.One of my cats spent the night out. She was tormenting a 3 inch long grasshopper when I took the animals out. Thursday is garbage day. My merry crew and I took the trash truck to the road. I have some very large Pecan trees close to the road. I was pleasantly surprised that there weren't very many limbs from the storm tossed to the ground.We had about 8 inches of rain. I was wakened about 2 am by an alert on my phone. Afraid it was a tornado warning, I got up to read that roads were flooded. I would think flooded roads would be secondary to a lack of visibility due to the amount of water that was falling in the darkness of night with no stars or moon to give light. I finally lay back down abou…


One of my favorite sounds of summer is the Whippoorwill at night. During the day, we hear the Bobwhite Quail. When the Whippoorwill is outside your window, it can be a problem for some.

This year was different, the sound of the whippoorwill was much further from the house. We have a pack of cats. So I guess I will never slip up on one sleeping. They are between the size of a Robin and a Crow with deeply camouflaged feathers. They are difficult to see in plain sight. In fact I have never seen one. We have had one quite active near our house (BC) before cats.

The whippoorwill is native to the southeastern United States and a member of the Nightjar family. Being insect eaters, they are not predatory birds like hawks or owls. Nightjar is made up of over 60 species. In the Western United States, a related species is the poorwill. The call of a poorwill is "poor will" which loses one syllable of the whippoorwill's call of "whip poor will". 
Now my home is quiet. Autum…
Hello Autumn!

Beauty berry.   The berries are not very tasty raw; but they do make a nice jelly or gelatin dessert.
You can crush a cup of the leaves and allow them to soak in rubbing alcohol for about two days. Remove the leaves and pour the infused alcohol into a spray bottle. It makes a very good mosquito repellant.

I love a break from the heat. My hair and clothes become saturated with sweat from just a wee bit of work in the middle of the day. 
I had a water leak under my home which damaged some of the subfloor in my home. A water restoration service put their humidifier and a two fans in to prevent mold. I was never quoted a price. So I am sweating the bill. I did file for insurance. Luckily, this is not an incredibly expensive repair. The son of the man from the restoration service is taking up the subfloor and installing a new subfloor and replacement hardwood flooring for $600. So maybe the bill will not be so rude. 
I don't like not getting a quote. What I learned from all of…


One of my favorite things is to look at the heavens and look at constellations. When I worked for a non-profit, I did astronomy programs with a portable planetarium. For 4 year olds, the biggee was accepting that the lights would be turned down. I would do their program with a little light. It was too scary otherwise.

My favorite poem about stars is by Carl Sandburg and is aptly titled "Stars"

The stars are too many to count.
The stars make sixes and sevens.
The stars tell nothing--and everything.
The stars look scattered.
The stars are so far away they never speak when spoken to.

Interesting enough, the constellation Orion is a hunter in all the cultural constellations that I encountered except for Egyptian constellations where Orion was Horus the God. My study was not exhaustive so I am sure there are other myths or story for this Constellation.

Raison d'etre

I like French phrases that have crept into the English language in that they say so much. My problem with them is that I can't spell them right.

Raison d'etre means a lot to me in that if we don't have that internal motivator; life is not meaningful. I have an 89 year old mother and yes she has slipped some. But she is amazingly perceptive in many ways. I have two handicapped siblings and she still is a mother to them.

Living with my mother, I think of that book "My Mother, Myself" printed in 1977 when I was 21. At the time I thought I was so different from her. Living with my mother these past 17 years, I understand her better and know that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Things I learned at my mother's knee.

1. Avoid an argument anytime. Climb a tree if possible.

2. We love children. I worked a summer science camp. Since I was in charge, I let the pre-teens be as loud as they normally could be when they came in from playing outside. It did not…

Quark, Querk, Quirk

Interesting how one vowel can change the meaning of a word.

A Quark is a subatomic particle that makes up protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons make up the nucleus of an atom. Protons and neutrons are composite subatomic particles in that they are made up of a combination of up Quarks and down Quarks.

Interesting enough, electrons a negligible mass compared to protons and neutrons. An electron is a lepton

Photons are particles of light and move as a wave and as particles. Photons can be proven to energy, proven to be matter but never proven to be matter and energy which is cool as all get out to me.


According to Merriam Webster this is a variant of Quirk. Online dictionaries say it means to throttle, choke or to become very angry.

What it doesn't mean is Twirk. I thought that was what the word meant. So Miley Cyrus is not known for Querking but for Twirking.


But Miley Cyrus is known for her Quirks. I've often wondered what was put on for publicity and what wa…


Bald eagles have brown heads when young; so when they fly in the wrong territory, adult eagles give them a pass. Although I started working at 16, it wasn't until I started working in earnest during my twenties that I became acquainted with workplace politics. During a brief time when I worked for a non-profit after I retired from teaching; I discovered another area of politics and that is the female power structure.

Suddenly, I learned why all my co-worker friends were usually male. I had a few female friends. I thought it was because I grew up with brothers and lived in a largely male neighborhood. Add to that, my mother was a tomboy and her mother was also a tomboy. Well we are three generations of feminine tomboys.

I was never good at "brown nosing" so I gave up on that quite early more due to ineptitude than from a nobler motive. I went to a fortune teller who told me that I was not a follower or a leader. And you know that is true.

I always followed my father's…