I love winter. I love the outdoors. I even love the glare of early morning going East and late evening going West. Of course, I avoid driving during those times if I can. I'm not crazy. Although a few students would have questioned that.

I gave an assignment one day and this male student exclaimed, "Are you crazy?" I told him deadpan, "I could be. You better get started." He rolled his eyes at me. I winked at him.

This morning was gorgeous. The sky was a gray blue with white clouds. The sun was red across the horizon and through the orchards as I drove my brother to his bus to the workshop he attends. When the sun is bright, I call the kick of energy I feel glitterati which is not to be confused with the fictional Illuminati.

This is a busy season for me. With the trees, vines and grass dormant for the winter, I can clear ground for fencing. I am putting a Rio Grande fence up in my backyard. I've got six ankle biters who need to be protected from the hell they can raise.

The people who live on the adjoining property have a white bulldog. He came in my yard in December and mom's two Chihuahuas sent him packing. I think he just wanted to hang with the gang. I don't think the two sisters can handle a fox or coyote. For that matter, an armadillo and opossum would spell trouble for those two.

My legs glow in the dark
My goal for the New Year is to meditate and exercise. I love to exercise. Meditate, I don't know. I've always thought it was a good idea. I have never done it. I don't think getting a pedicure would count.  Prevention magazine describes a counting sort of meditation.

When I searched the topic I learned this is a Buddhist practice and there is a form of Christian meditation. Since I am a Christian, I plan to use the Buddhist technique and it will be Christian because that is my belief.

I have also been agnostic for much of my life. Belief did not come easy. Difficulties in life made me turn spiritual. So there will be some Christian meditation. I found some guided meditations to use from UCLA. They also have online courses. I'm a little cheap. Actually, very cheap - I'll test out the free ones and buy a book if I want to learn more. The online class is $169.

Why I got to learn more?

Do you meditate and what do you do or do you avoid thinking at all cost?

Flock of cranes


  1. I exercise away most every day, but meditate I've tried here and there, never stuck. there are studies on it that it can lower stress levels an inflammation and all that stuff, so it is beneficial.

    1. Research indicates it stimulates growth of the hippocampus. The hippocampus allow your brain to function normally even though your brain is experiencing aging problems like Alzheimer's.

      Pushing the big 6 oh, you know I need to do a little brain exercises. Take care Pat.

  2. I love meditation and there are plenty of free online meditation practices out there. Look for meditation groups in your area as well. I've been to several and the energy that comes from a group meditating is very tranquil. I think you'll love it.

    1. I'll look for groups though I live on one the many edges of the universe where civilization peters out. Thanks for the encouragement. I don't know what to expect.

  3. I have never meditated, perhaps I should try. But I like your thinking, try out the free ones first .....

  4. I've never meditated. If I sit still for more than a few minutes, I fall asleep. The morning was pretty here. The first sun we've seen for days and days but it is also bitter cold and windy.

  5. Lovely photos! I've never tried meditation but a friend of mine swears by it. One of these days.....
    My goal is to have a daily workout but I don't enjoy it and am looking for ways to psyche myself up .

  6. Breathtaking nature shots! My normal exercise routine has been thrown asunder lately, can't wait to get back to walking every day. My kind of meditation;-) I always walk far enough out that all you can hear are the birds and bugs. Occasional bobcat encounters are always cool. Unless there are babies nearby, then it's a bit tense with mama scowling at me.:-)


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