Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Resolution

Trifecta Writing Challenge is to make a three word resolution for the New Year.


My entry is ----    "Oops, next please."

For those of you are regular readers, well for all I know you could be quite irregular all the time, I hope you have a great New Year and only look back at the good times with this past year. 2013 had a good ring to it. This goes for visitors too!

Sometimes the bad has its good points when you look back. It pushes us to think or do in ways we would have never thought.  Jumping out of the rut is better looking back than doing.

My older brother is developmentally delayed. He is becoming a grouchy old man when he meets any frustration. In thinking how I could break the pattern, I realized it will never happen. He has a fire within like all of us and we are blessed that he normally is of good humor.

Anyway, I have pulled out all the exotic teabags and put them in a beautiful clear glass serving dish with a lid. We have all resolved to drink hot tea every day this winter. With three weeks of winter a day here and a day there. We got to be on the ball to accomplish this. I've purchased a cheap camcorder with plans for a better one later. I hope to post the seasonal changes on occasion.


  1. Hehe...maybe the next will be better :)

  2. Haha! Story of my life.
    Happy New Year, Ann!

  3. Nice choice! A great way to approach life.

    And I love your tea-drinking goal – an excellent way to get through the winter!

  4. I like this! Happy new year!

  5. I am having a hot cup of tea right now, as a matter of fact! Tea is good for what ails you, for sure. Love your resolution! No sense wasting time dwelling on things that are unimportant or that can't be changed. I agree that the really sensible thing to do is to learn, adapt and grow in wisdom, if possible. Good luck in 2014! Happy New Year, Ann! :)


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