Why South bashing bothers me?

Why do I have a problem with Hollywood Hillbillies, Honey Boo Boo and Party down South. I hope the families make a lot of money. I am concerned that Kitrell's talent will get hidden in all the South mythbuilding.

It's not a misguided, the South shall rise again baloney. Technically it has risen. Culturally, country music and it's influence has permeated a great deal of the United States and Canada. With Tejano music, the same could be true of Mexico. I just don't know.

It's jobs. I grew up in a South of cotton mill wages. My mom was a factory worker in the cotton mill and the office staff looked down on the mill workers. The mill workers actually earned more money.

I went to college on the Mulroney rider. A little addition to a bill that stated federal workers had to be paid uniformly across the nation. The secondary, possibly tertiary pay scale at Robins Air Force Base had to have the same pay scale as elsewhere across the nation. In essence, my dad got a big raise.

Like my fellow baby boomers, money motivates me. I grew up on specials, discounts, waiting until payday. I really did not suffer. As an adult, I got to listen to one society gal tell another society gal where I grew up. It would have put me in my place but I knew where I came from. Experience tells me it could be a sight worse.

Being 57 and getting too damn close to 58, whoa I know 60 is on the way, what is wealth is much more relative. I had to retire early to be a caretaker for family members. It has value for me as well as them. My fantasy vacation moves further out on the horizon.

Its jobs.  I worry about the Republican fanaticism in Georgia eroding public education and healthcare. I have no issue with Republicans. I do have issue with those that follow the Koch brothers. Being wealthy and born to wealth, I know they probably know things about the world I don't. What I know the Koch brothers don't know is the misery of an individual who cannot get medical treatment due to having no money and/or insurance. I know they have never felt the sting of knowing your opinion does not count for much.

Education has been improving so much in Georgia. Now it is coasting on the dedication of teachers and parents. People who are not consulted when Georgia creates a pro-business tax system with no foresight having an educated workforce. It is true that a student who goes to school willing and prepared to learn will get a good enough education.

What is also true is a poorly fed student who grows up in a home with not enough money, untreated medical issues of family members that escalates into major ones doesn't always know there is light at the end of the tunnel. You give them overcrowded classrooms it takes one heck of a teacher to get them where they need to be at the end of the year. So many people wonder why so many people can't do math. It is simple, anytime someone is under stress, mathematical reasoning weakens. A dad whose patience is thin can be as damaging as a child who is stressed by a lack resources at home.

The Eastern band of Cherokee share their profits from their casino. $6000 per family does not sound like much. However, they are reaping the benefits of parents having less stress and being able to parent better.

When the South is portrayed as an ignorant, hopeless place, businesses do not want to locate here. I've actually talked about two concerns,education and business. You would think I would agree with the pro-business agenda in Georgia. I do. I just don't think you should take so much out of the budget that 19 school systems are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Jobs mean money. I grew up with very thrifty parents who did quite well on their income. We could have lived in a better house but my parents were children of the depression. Owning a roof over your head was much more valuable than house payments. In my dad's later years he told me they had more money for fun living where they did. This is true. They had a good time.

I wish the same for these families. TLC does seem to care about the Honey Boo Boo family. You can see where they are benefiting. I hope the same occurs for the Kitrell kid.


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