Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Get out and vote.

Things that exist sometimes slap you in the face before you see them. These scorched earth ads close to the election is to rally the faithful. If they can get enough of their diehards to the polls, they don't need the independent voter. Scorching hot anger or frustration to get folks to the polls.

I am a conservative, independent voter. I just don't believe that having the wealth and power concentrated to a few people is good for regular folks.  I'm also female. Entitlement programs that help women and children are good to me.

Well, I heard that the independent voter is fiction. Each of them have a party preference. They called my bluff. I tend to vote for the Democrat. I vote for the Republican when I feel they have better character or there is no other choice.

Frankly when I was young, I had no preference. 

I'm not a legacy Democrat. I just vote that way now.

Each party lacks leadership. The Democrats at one time seemed a fringe party. As a result the Republican party is now become complacent and increasingly a fringe party. Whatever happened to having opposing views within a party.

It's like we are voting between those who don't believe climate change is true, anti-gay marriage, no common core, anti-abortion, pro gun rights, tax breaks for the rich, pro death penalty versus the opposite. This is what I mean by fringe. Only a minority and Sarah Palin fit in those categories. 

More than half of us are for and against the same principal at times. Plus they aren't the only issues in government. Our political parties have proverbially painted themselves in a corner in which reason and logic seem inescapable. 

Pragmatism is the better part of a politician's logic. They will spout an opinion and privately live another. Getting elected is part of the game.

So vote your conscious. We are all dependent on a combination of luck and fate. 

If you look at the politics among the colonies during the American Revolution. The same scorched Earth scare tactics were prevalent. I guess the more things change. The more they stay the same. Those last two sentences are from a Jewish proverb.

Anyway, I pray the best person wins on election day.

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