Saturday, November 15, 2014

If you got it, Flaunt it and make money too!

Hit the following link and

Help Kim Kardashian get even richer and look at her big booty.

The argument has nothing to do with women, body image, men. It has to do with capitalizing on your assets presented in a fashion that has nothing to do with reality.

As woman of a certain age knows, you don't has a waist like that with a butt like that. Even if you do, your legs are big. They can be toned but you are planted squarely and pound the ground when you walk.

Some say it is a racial thing. Yeah right, I've seen as many white women as black women with big bums. What is racial is that African Americans are more tolerate of women having a few (or lets be honest, a lot) of extra pounds.

Which makes you think, Why are so many white folks fat?

Anyway, Kim needs a new $40,000 Gucci purse and Oprah is not going to share a few million to help her out. It might be Christmas for the Koch brothers with the Keystone pipeline being approved; but, Kim has got to do it on her own.

I agree the photo has been photoshopped but I am impressed. It is unusual for a woman to have a big butt and big boobs.

The only real criticism I have about the photo is that well -
       When did a photo become a story?
Afterall we all know Kim is the queen of Glam.

Next on my opinator compass is Kiera Knightly's untouched photo.

Link to Kiera Knightley's photo

All I can say, you can never be too thin. This is why American women like Kim better. She's got a little too much weight on her which is something most women have a problem with the older they get.

But then you have those Kiera Knightleys of this world. I am so jealous. I just want to point out it is not hard to have firm breast when they aren't that big.

And why should I be jealous?

I have always known men like a big butt. Why should I play favorites?

I'm not. I'm just another bystander.

The human body and face can be a great work of art in it's complexity of age or youth.

Neither of these photos are art. They are both commercial photos. One is to promote an unknown magazine with the shock of Kim's artificially large buttocks. I least I hope artificially, she will have some back problems one day and think of the cellulite. The other promotes the movie that may be mentioned when someone discusses Kiera Knightly.

I might be getting older, overweight, have a few lines and not magazine material. But,I look good in my clothes. I feel good too!

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