Sunday, May 17, 2015

The jugfest closes down

My favorite is always animals made from welded pieces of metal. I love that he used a old horn for the back end of this flamingo. The artist is Richard Woods of Hawkinsville. His business card advertises himself as doing portable welding, lawn services and as a bass player. Quite a versatile gentleman, he and his wife were very friendly and pleasant to talk to talk to.  Use the contact form on this page if you would like to contact the artist. I will send you the info.

You can't have a festival without music.

Or lawn mower races.

Saturday was a good busy. We stopped at a yardsale, ate breakfast at the Huddle House, stopped at one or two more yard sales. I saw a terrific house on sale at a terrific price. It was hard to resist. I love my house and lot but have difficult neighbors.

Putting up a 1000 foot privacy fence makes better sense. It is cheaper and easier than moving. One of my favorite jokes is a friend will help you move. A real friend will help you move bodies. It is just miserable to move. What I do plan to do is to continue unloading all the stuff we have. Of course, I bought more books. I'll never read all the books I own.

I had remarkable resistance at the jugfest. I did succumb to buying one pot. I would have bought another jugface; but, the seller had packed up before I came. I am pretty sure it was Shelby West. I got to the festival about 3:45 and the sellers were to close at 4PM, so it was a quick shop. Many had not started packing when I left at about 5:30.

I came across one man who clearly has a great start with a hobby of creating outsider art. He uses a chainsaw to create sculptures which were mostly mushrooms, pumpkins, and bears. What stood out was an owl and eagle he had left.

The only piece of pottery I bought was from the man below, Allen Gee.

Allen Gee, a potter from Greenville GA
Use the contact form on this page if you would like to contact the artist. I will send you the info.


  1. Oh, moving is a big pain in the butt, done it 16 times so far in life. Can pack fast though by now. Looks like a fun time, never been in a lawnmower race lol

    1. I won't count those where my stuff fit in the trunk of my car. lol But I have moved four times and what a lot of work. It would take a jack hammer to get me out of the house I live in now. I should count three more times in that I moved my mother and sister. The joys of being a packrat.


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