Saturday, May 30, 2015

Not looking a gift horse in the mouth

I had volunteered to take pictures and videotape a fashion show in Warner Robins. A professional group has volunteered for free publicity. I was welcome to still come. I would be offended, but I only volunteered if the organizer could not get anyone.

 As a retired teacher, I have watched enough children shows to last awhile. So this blog post is not about an exciting Asian fashion show in central Georgia featuring K-Pop fashions.

During my college days, Hotel California by the Eagles was popular. I read it was the 49th most popular song of all times. My association with the song is hamburgers with oatmeal and onions mixed in.

The spring the song came out, I was on a diet as usual. I felt fat at 125 pounds. Anyway, I had made these super thin hamburger patties that I would cook and eat. Then pack away pizza, chips, etc with my friends some nights. Feast or famine was my mantra.

Actually that spring was difficult. I had broken up with a boyfriend. I had a possible replacement who was not a good choice. But luckily for me, he was a "lout". Looking back, I would have been in deep do do if he had reciprocated. It's funny, I never took some of the nice guys I met seriously.

The fish who got away, I had a church boyfriend in high school. It was too much too soon. I just wasn't interested in getting married like many of my friends. He is a big opinionated tea partier now. I don't know if I would have evolved as a moderate independent if I had married him.

But living with my mother who gets upset that Boehner keeps picking on Obama. I would have kept my mouth shut and probably canceled out my husbands vote each election.

Warm smell of colitas is actually marijuana, and I always thought that was a desert flower. I never thought the song made sense. According to the Eagles, the song was about greed and the excesses in California. With that in mind, it makes sense. "They stab it with their steely knives, they just can't kill the beast."

I got a love/hate relationship with poetry and song lyrics.  So many are so obtuse for me. Others are incredible. What songs bring back memories for you?


  1. The greed sure runs rampant out there. Guess we ever know where our path will go as we look back at the what if

    1. My big what if is how I made a living. After meeting my share of starving artists, I have not regretted having a stable pension. I did enjoy teaching but people are so critical and that was hard to deal with. Greed is a bugger. The more you want, the less you got sometimes.

  2. I remember the Hotel California. Probably the songs that bring back memories of my college days are any of The Cars and Meatloaf. Used to play their tapes all the times.

    1. I enjoyed them too. Meatloaf was really famous. I remember 8 tracks and cassette tapes were just coming out. Those were the days.


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