Sunday, September 6, 2015

Getting on schedule

B-b-b-back to making a schedule. Then follow it.

I am in pitiful shape.

Well, not pitiful shape. I think I might reserve that for people caught in a war zone or in dire straits.

For me, it is resolve. I need to mow grass. The devil is beating his wife. I'll try to slip out in about an hour and see if the grass has dried enough to not clog up the lawnmower blades.

I picked muscadine grapes last night. We are all eating them like they are going out of style. I'll be picking more soon. It's a good thing we don't make wine. I don't know that we could stop eating them or drinking their juice. It would be hopeless to try to pick enough.

I have decided with much regret to go back to an exercise facility. I love going, don't get me wrong. I just hate giving that time up. I have not gotten into an exercise routine at home. My diabetes is being cranky and I have to exercise to get it in check.

I signed up for Playbuzz and I plan to create a few quizzes. I have a personality profile called Animal, Vegetable or Mineral in the works. No, it is not scientific. Just a series of questions with a laugh I hope. Of course, I don't think anyone think the profiles are real, just a laugh before you get back to work.

My series of science literacy will be a bit harder. However, a winner will not be ever called a nerd or geek. No stereotypes will be reinforced by my quizzes. But there will be lots of pictures of my dogs.

My goal is to produce one once a month on the fifteenth of the month. I also plan to work on science drawing activities which I hope will improve math skills for children. My home obligations are erratic, but I am hoping to volunteer at an elementary school to see how well they work. Give some teachers a break and hopefully help a few children. I have missed the classroom.

My last schedule goal is to finish the screenplay of a film I would like to make this winter. After the first big frost, all the snakes will go in their holes and I will get my cameras out. Hopefully, the screenplay will jive with some local actors and we will be in business.

So how do you do with schedules?


  1. I exercise at home because I don't even want to waste the time driving somewhere to exercise.

    Post all the photos you want of your dog.

  2. The screenplay is a great idea, hopefully it come off. HATE exercise facilities, not only are they germy but you have to waste time getting there, waste time getting back, waste time waiting to use the equipment, waste time changing, I save an hour easy just doing it at home.


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