Friday, September 4, 2015

You don't always get what you want.

I always say I don't watch reality television. Well, I am not being totally honest. Every summer I watch Big Brother. I don't watch the show the first couple of weeks. It is boring.

But after about four or five get voted out, I get interested. Each week, I am usually heartbroken over who gets voted out. After all, they are young and so likable. There is always one you do not like. I have to remind myself that all but two will be voted out. It is amazing how much drama they can create in one hour with editing hours of video.

My favorite this year, was James, the Chinese hillbilly. James grew up in South Carolina, and he is a Southern man through and through. He is unusual for Big Brother in that he had guts and took bold moves when he had a chance. It is hard to root for those who use the "old boy" system to the end. They call them alliances but people drop one another on a dime.

I'm pretty much done with the show now. There is no one I really care if they win. The winner will probably be my least favorite, Vanessa. She is slightly older and has done a great job manipulating who gets voted out.

There is a set of twins and one of the twins have a showmance with a professional wrestler named Austin. Johnny Mac is a longshot, but he is who I like best. Steven has a snowballs chance in hell of winning. He is not with the main crew even though he has been loyal to them. He is head of household this week which means he will choose the two who will go home.

It is like politics. Such a disappointment when your candidate loses but your friend can be thrilled they lost. How the decisions affect people remains to be seen.

One thing that has been on the web is the release of names with Ashley Madison. Nothing done on a computer is secure. I am predicting quite a bit of blackmail. I hope there are laws in place for people being prosecuted for blackmailing someone.

One reason I side with the members is that so many signed up out of curiosity and nothing more. I have joined sites just because I was nosy. I had a Facebook account for years with no friends. I only used it to snoop.

Secondly if we were all responsible for nefarious thoughts not expressed, we would all be up the creek without a paddle. There was a presumption of privacy. The fact that people had to pay to have their profile scrubbed speaks volumes.

Josh Duggar's involvement has more to do with his family's "holier than thou" attitude and their influence on our culture. So many would emulate them and their family size is impractical. Their public disapproval of others just makes them more vulnerable to public chastising.

I don't think it took Ashley Madison to expose Josh. So many already knew.

It is like Bill Cosby. People knew. His wealth and money-making clout for everyone around him keep his perversion secret. I call it a perversion in that many women would have had sex with him just because of his celebrity. He didn't need to drug women. Jared Fogle being a pedophile. Someone had to know. But once again, Fogle's clout probably silenced victims and possible witnesses.

It is surprising where your opinions land sometimes. I hope Josh Duggar moves forward with his life in a positive way due to the scandal. I think he has a lot to offer to his wife, children and himself.
Ashley Madison is a bit of madness. I mean hooking up with a sex worker online speaks for itself.

I have learned much about posting comments. I comment to most blogs I read. On passionate topics in the news, I try to not have an opinion. The comments can be better than the article. The comments can also be a waste. All I know is an ill-formed tweet or comment could backfire.


  1. One little thing and people could come back on you. A rhyming cat kinda confuses enough that I don't get too much hate mail lol and yeah, someone had to know. But money is power, until it's not.

    1. Teaching school, I was guarded in what I said. But social media, lordy mercy I am back at square one. I can't take the heat and I have to tell myself, stay out of the kitchen.

  2. You will probably be shocked, but I have never watched that show. I don't watch a lot of TV, mostly watch movies.

    1. I understand. I am a reader too. My shows are Big Bang Theory, Saturday Night Live and Big Brother. I don't know what that says about me.


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