Ready or not, spring is here. We really did not have a winter this year. When we have hard freezes, I have to hook up the heater in the well house to make sure the pump doesn't freeze. This entails 150 feet of an extension cord. I carefully thread the intersection of two cords into the holes of a large concrete block opening.  The only thing I did this winter was let an outside spigot drip one night.
Carolina Jessamine

I know, why would anyone complain. It is going to be a bumper crop of bugs this year. Fleas, ticks, you name it will come a calling. I want to buy some chickens and guineas this year. They are both good to keep insects at bay. I'm not much of a poisoner.

As a scientist, I know a much larger percentage of poison is needed per body mass to kill an insect. Secondly, it is a temporary fix. Plus, I love all the birds and visiting wildlife. Poison is not that great for them. It is not that great for humans either.

Such is the yin and yang of life.

What I think about is what my mother said to me as a kid. I would like to take a day off of school and her big quote was "A big part of life is showing up." which helps to keep the house clean too.

I've been catching up with my housework. I hope to have my head above water by the end of the month. My brother gets a ride for most of the distance to the workshop he attends which opens my day up big time. Hopefully, I can get back on schedule next week with daylight savings time.

What is your opinion on the time change. I hate it. I like the extra hour of daylight in the morning. But it is not bad in the morning too.


  1. Hate the time change too. Showing up to clean haha well you need to. Hate stupid bugs, especially those disease ridden ticks.

  2. We live in Arizona; they don't change the time so that's nice :) But it did this year for some reason change my schedule at work to start an hour earlier, which was okay for me since I now start at 8:30 a.m. and finish up at 5 p.m. I didn't like the 9:30 start to finish at 6, which I'm thinking might go back to that schedule when the time changes in the fall. We'll see.

    It is nice to have had a mild winter, especially after some tough winters of years past, but your are right, it will be a bumper crop for insects.


  3. Losing that hour sucks! No two ways about it. We need to banish Daylight Savings Time. It's no longer viable.
    As long as the bugs don't come inside and I can cover myself well in bug spray when forced to venture outside, then I'm all right.

  4. I think we had about a week of winter, which makes me worry we'll break heat records again this year and maybe have a freak snowstorm in June. I really get annoyed by the time change because it screws up television programming, and I don't even watch that much. There's a Native American saying that goes "Only the government would believe you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom and have a longer blanket". Although, a family member once said they adopted daylight savings for the farmers to get to the bank and still have time to work their fields in daylight. I didn't entirely understand but as she owned a farm, I took her word for it;-)
    I dread the return of bugs. Especially scorpions. We have an inordinate amount where we live and have to keep our shoes up high when we're not wearing them. Of course, thanks to the scorpions, we always wear shoes!
    I've started spring cleaning too. I spent four hours on a single wall of windows. Ugh. A necessary evil I guess :-)


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