Use a screen capture to kill those ugly links.

About once a month I get a piece of mail with the enticement about my final expenses and a $100 Walmart gift card. They know how to tantalize a senior citizen. A discount or freebie reels them in.

I know why older folks have such strong opinions. I'm still busy with a lot of of hurry up and wait type of stuff going on. So I look at things I may not have bothered with at one time.

Like, who has left a foot print on my visitor's log with blogger. Mind you, most are vague. However, I have used the Russian search engine Yandex and read some of their newspapers translated to English via Google. However, look what they say about my blog. The first is the translation and the second is the Russian version. My blog is apparently being accused of phishing.

I know, I know, I shouldn't look at spam. However I got two of these at the same time. It is just funny. I'm a woman, there is nothing I want to look larger. But hey I have heard walnuts are good for what ails you.

This is a screen capture which I have cropped. When I cut and pasted, the links were still alive and I had to kill those suckers.  The funniest part was the link to remove yourself from their email list. I would never hit any of those links.

I probably should not have included that address on the bottom. You know the link probably has nothing to do with that address. One time I got a spam from the head of the UN with a yahoo email. Imagine, someone that important wanting to give me a truckload of money if I will send them a couple of thousand dollars.

The funniest line was Walnuts being called the "King of the Nuts" which can be interpreted several ways. I thought the King of the Nuts would use one of the links. Of course, It could be nuts as in male gonads. But I am sure someone who would write an email with the crude title meant walnuts only, sarcasm intended.


  1. The king of nuts sure can go many a way haha interesting to see how they get translated and come to be.

    1. That was the line that caught my attention. The sheer depth of obvious baloney on all of them amazes me as much as the fact someone somewhere will be fooled.

  2. Currently I seem to be getting spam encouraging me to enhance certain body parts. I do click on the links to remove myself from their mailing list; usually just takes me to a screen where I enter my email address. I also take their email address and put it in my blocked email address settings just in case they are prone to send me something again from that address. I've cut down a lot of spam doing it this way. I imagine I would be very rick right now if I did give away a mere couple thousand to gain several million time after time after time :)


    1. I may try that. Or just keep on deleting. Some are just too funny. I had an older friend when I was quite young who enjoyed the commercials more than the television shows. I guess I get them now.

  3. Replies
    1. But you can't complain about the spam if they stop sending it. lol - I need to try it though.

  4. Make your meat look bigger. Not even going to touch that one.
    So, according to Russian anti-spyware, you are dangerous? I wonder what it would take to get on North Korea's list? Oh wait, I think everyone's site already is on that list.

    1. McAfee has alerted to some really tame sites. However, I am careful.

      When I looked at Russian news, they have the same problems we have. The one that was a curiosity but not surprising was a psychic that had taken advantage of people in Russia. That is a cruel crime.

  5. I get a lot of offers to sell my time share vacation rental.
    I don't HAVE one. Never did.
    I sometimes call and ask for directions. Poor phone person gets all confused.
    But my favorite is all the job offers that my dead cat gets. Friskies must have sold their list or gotten hacked. I don't know how else to explain it. I called about that already. The woman asked if my dead cat could lift up to 75 pounds.
    She was serious.
    Zombies are gonna starve.


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