Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fall comes a bit early

This morning, the air was cool and crisp. Fall was in the air a week early. Usually the temperature drops the second week of September to a tolerable level. I know this because of all the years I taught in schools with no air conditioning.

For a fleeting moment, I thought wonderful hurricane weather. Then I thought the price and regretted that thought. I certainly feel compassion for all the suffering.

On CBS evening news there was a woman whose child had cerebral palsy. His medicine had gotten wet when they escaped the flooding, and he was having seizures. If I could wish them into my home safe, I would get in the car and pick up his medicine. Mom and child could get cleaned up and have a warm meal.

I still remember the elderly woman who died and someone had covered her head with a coat during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. No water and probably no medications, the stress was too much.

As troubling as the news is, I avoid as much of the news as possible. It gladdens my heart to see all the pickups towing boats going to Houston. I pray for the best for those in the Hurricane's path and their helpers. We all know some very sad outcomes are happening.

At one time, I would keep up with the news. With the turmoil in the country, I have started to avoid all media references to politics. I've felt a lot better since then. My last political beef was something I read about the five different Beckys of "white privilege"which is just another way of telling women to shut up.

I read comments. I've tried to scan them. I do wonder about some people who comment so hard and heavy on one specific topic like in real life. The more fictitious their name is; the less I care what they think. The comments are a great source for creepy statements for your writing. I do enjoy writing some things I think but would never say. However, none of these thoughts reach the creep level of some comments.

My favorite station is Channel 13 and is a CBS station. I've noticed that the nightly news is more palatable than say a friend's Facebook highlights of "The Golden Child of Wisdom Sitting on the Rail Giving A Patriot Review of American Values Right Now dot com".

I used to watch the true crime shows on the ID channel and fall asleep. But CSI or the fiction shows would wake me up with terror when I fell asleep. I guess if it bleeds it leads goes into overtime with fiction shows. The same probably happens with "The Golden Child of Wisdom Sitting on the Rail Giving A Patriot Review of American Values Right Now dot com".

I do pray for the people of Houston and coastal Texas and Louisiana. Rough days are here and ahead for them.


  1. My heart goes out to all those affected by Horrid Harvey.
    News? Particularly political news is something I try and avoid. Not always successfully, and my mood and my language both deteriorate.

    1. I had a friend who has long since left this world. He was a very successful business man and refused to watch the news.

  2. The outpouring of help for those in Houston and others in the path of the hurricane has been heartwarming. I've loved seeing all the animals rescued.

  3. Avoid all that political nonsense indeed. Nutballs out there a plenty. But lots that help too as the hurricane has shown. One and only good thing about such devastation.

  4. May the glowing light of hope through unity, as evidenced in Houston, be enough to stifle the magpies all a twitter over shoes. A former Texan (now living in my town) has assembled a veritable convoy of trucks filled with donations and heading for Texas and beyond. Bless his heart ;-)

    1. I love hearing about the help. My favorite is the 20 year old male and small group of young people between 16 and 24 who took charge of a school being used as a shelter. It was so organised and well run; the authorities were surprised that no one official was in charge.

      I was impressed Melania could wear those shoes. I get tired of all the commenting about things that don't really matter.

  5. Most people are hoping for the best possible outcome for Houston. It will certainly take some time. I try to stay away from the political scene too. I need my stomach in proper working order.

  6. I'm sure someone will look after the child's medication. After it was on TV there were probably hundreds of people ringing in to offer money and assistance. I remember when there was that tsunami in Thr Pacific on Boxing Day some years ago, I volunteered to take calls from donors and we got calls even from pensioners, one lady apologising she could only give $10.00, bless her heart!

  7. I stopped watching the nightly news many years ago because it seemed we were always busy with dinner or something else around that time. Then we cancelled our cable and it can be tricky to catch a local station with just an antennae. These days I read headline from the Weather Channel or CNN. That way I can pick and choose. I miss a lot which is both good and bad.

  8. My wife and I were particularly focused on the news from Houston as we have a daughter with her family who live there. Fortunately they escaped any damage to themselves or their home and that was a relief.

    It's been so hot here in L.A. of late. I wish we'd get a heavy dose of cool fall weather.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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