Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Keep bouncey houses at grandmas.

If anybody my age takes the knee, they are showing off. A childhood friend of mine has had both of her knees replaced. She injured the first knee in a bouncy house with her grandchild. And get this, she injured the second one in a bouncey house with the same grandkid.
This lovely bouncey house costs 2 grand.
You can get a cheaper version at Walmart.

I don't think it is hanging around her grandchild that is the problem. They got to start carding people going into bouncy houses. The gatekeeper needs to be a teenager who can say with a straight face and authority, "Grandma, you are too old to enter this bouncey house."

It's not bouncey houses that hurt knees.
People are free to own all the bouncey houses they want. They just have to be educated on who and how a bouncey house should be used.

It's ironic in that the people who will purchase a bouncey house are usually old enough to injure their knees. Once again a teenager at the register is handy. They will give a forty-five year old a senior discount and lavish them with praise. "You are one cool old lady!"

One thing I do is take care of my joints. I have mild arthritis. What has weighed on my mind the past few weeks is my mortality. I know I should just be glad to be alive. So many people do not make it to 61. Plus I got two good knees and no urge to enter a bouncey house.

The last time I went to the nurse practitioner; I got a heck of a lecture about exercising more, eating less of all the good foods which for her information I rarely eat. I argued with her over cornbread. My A1c was 8.5.  I got the message which I didn't appreciate.

My great aunt Faye quit smoking the day before she went to the doctor. She knew he was going to insist she quit smoking. She knew she could tell him she quit. But if he told her; it was going to be the damnedest thing to do.

It is just that malaise of not living my life to the fullest. I don't know where I get the outlook where I feel like I should achieve something, learn something, clean something. Because lately, I get little done. I think this is a mid-life crisis. I tried to have my crisis at the more appropriate age of 51. But I was busy.

At 55, I got a little crisis building going. I worked out several hours a day and ate to lose weight. I started my journey of writing the great American novel. And somehow bang here I am. I can't even have a decent mid-life crisis in a timely fashion.

Plus I don't give a rip about a lot of things. I better start giving a rip about some paperwork I have waiting for me. Well for my brother that I need to complete. I do have the temptation to take him to the social security administration and have him deal with the matter. He turned 65 this year. During 2016, he made a little too much money and they are going to take that whopping 261 dollars they give him a month away. Maybe, I don't know what they are going to do.

However, I better make a beeline to the Social Security Administration with my hat in my hand and "grin and shuffle" to get it straightened out. If I get Madame Sourpuss or her friend Mister Looksdownalongnose, I make an excuse and get out of there to come back another day. Actually I have not done that yet; but, it is an alternative.

Plus, I need to get the car oil changed and the tires rotated.

But tomorrow is Wednesday and I'll be taking my weekly journey through parallel hells. Last week, I had to cut one of the journeys short. I needed to pick up my brother. Although my mom was thoroughly exhausted, she was not happy. It is hard to have to hurry and be on someone else's schedule. My mother has always been a hard worker and an independent woman.

We are leaving at 9am tomorrow. Early in the day, she has more energy. My mother enjoys this one big outing each week. I'm glad we can make it. And it is not really hell. I better stop complaining or I will spend time in purgatory sweeping a grocery. I used to think my purgatory might be lunch room duty. But I know the good Lord knows I have mellowed. My hearing isn't what it used to be, and I will probably start throwing peas with the kids.

My sister who is recuperating from a stroke is a night owl. I am one too. The problem is that I got changed into a lark by all these early birds and the schedule we keep. But her waking hours are waking the owl in me. One night she woke up at 10 pm and was curious what I was going to fix for supper. I made her a peanut butter sandwich al dente with a very fine chilled coke zero.

I hope your week is going well. I've got to get busy on my novel or purgatory may be finishing one of them.


  1. I turn 60 later this year. I've been thinking of my mortality a lot lately too. It doesn't help that I type reports all day about people and their health problems and most of them are younger than me. By the grace of God, thank you Lord, I'm pretty darn healthy with not a long litany of diagnoses or medicines taken. I could not attempt a bouncy house. I don't think I can really even run any more. I need to exercise more and watch what I eat more. We are just going through some things in the family these days and I find myself escaping a lot in Netflix or a good book. I need to be more active.


    1. My mother takes her mind off of things by watching a program she enjoys. I have the tendency to dwell on what I can't change. In the past, I worked. However, my body is not able to do work that hard for that long anymore.

      Getting into a bouncey house after you have hurt yourself before is a bit incredulous to me.

  2. I regret to say that some days I think of my mortality not with longing perhaps, but certainly wistfully.
    I am tired. To the bone.
    I won't write a great novel (or indeed anything other than flash fiction) but I am so very grateful to those with more talent and determination that I can find.

    1. It is a struggle to live with a chronic illness. I wish you the best my friend. I have to say I know you offer a lot to those around you. Your blog lifts my spirits. Take care my friend.

  3. loved the slight touch of humour in your first paras dear Ann!

    My kids love bungee jumping and bouncy house as well 1

    i never did this though i used to do lots of skipping (jumping on rope) in my childhood .

    Now whenever i find little time for light exercise such as stretching or merely few light jumps to regulate the oxygen in blood for 20 minutes and feel tired as i climbed the mountain ,specially after the Gall Bladder surgery (in June) weakness has increased.

    I am sorry that your friend injured her knees while trying to participate in the joys of her grandkids!

    Hope she feel better soon and take good care of her self in future >

    I am 47 seven and my mother who died almost 4 years ago was 70 plus still i realized that she was quite better than me in her health conditions .

    i wish you a safe trip with dear mom Ann!

    1. Gallbladder problems are so numerous with women. What did people do a hundred years ago? Oh well, we know. They suffered.

      I'm glad you got Your gallbladder taken care of. I feel you will get your second wind of life. I have always been physically strong and feel a bit of grief that I am not as strong and capable as I once was.

      I understand why she went into the bouncey house. I think people who get older sometimes are in denial about what they can do.

  4. Interesting post. I have never been on a trampoline or in a bouncy castle, maybe that is why my knees are still intact. Surprising when I have broken almost every other bone over all my years of horse riding!! Have a good day Diane

    1. There is a horse farm next to me. I look at some of the horses and truly would like to own one. I just don't have the time to take care of a horse and it's pasture mate like it would need. Horse back riding is quite challenging. I wish I had pursued a few pastimes more actively when I was younger.

  5. Yeah, even at my age I'm staying the heck away from bouncing castles or trampolines. They are just asking for trouble after the invincibility of youth wears off.

    1. I remember jumping in one when they first came out. I was about eleven. I was disappointed with how dirty I was. It is a true story about the woman with injured knees. As a teacher, I have crawled around and sat on floors with children. But I have always assessed whether I can do something. However, she was a retired teacher too.

  6. Just stay away from the bounce houses.
    I hit my midlife crisis early. My wife suggested a sports car. Best decision I've ever made.

    1. A good fun car is a good way to manage a crisis. My last car purchase had the extra bells and whistles and I have enjoyed it to the point that I hope to have a good ride for the rest of my life.


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