Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Nothing happens faster than the week between writing blogposts except for updating your dues each year with an organisation. I remember when I had six posts a day ready to go. I remember someone who did that many posts in a day. Like a marathon, you have to pace yourself, unless you're a marathon champion.

This week, I shall cheat a bit. Which means I will share what I have really enjoyed on the net.

Number 1 involves a dog of course.

Number 2 is I took the time to watch Deathly Hallows 1 & 2 of the Harry Potter series. Is it sacrilegious that at a few points I thought could these two have the fight to end all fights, I'm ready to call it a night. That said, I think J K Rowling is brilliant to have written such an engaging series.  Nothing to share with number 2 but my opinion. I have satellite television and one or more of the stations run the Harry Potter movies back to back on a regular basis.

Number 3 is something you all may know about. It is the Write Edit Publish bloghop of Halloween based stories. They are all a quick thrill to read. I haven't submitted. I would describe my tour of hell tomorrow. But hey, most of you are very familiar with grocery stores.

Write, Edit, Publish blog's October Challenge

Cheers and imagine me and my dogs howling at the moon tonight. lol Take care, Ann


  1. I grew up with shepherds. Their song is sooooo familiar.

    I really liked the Harry Potter series - but cannot watch the movies. They don't match the images in my head.

    The WEP challenge attracts some incredible writers. And they are supportive to all of us (including rank amateurs like myself).

  2. Hi Ann ... love that song - and great video ... I never got into Harry P - I know it's a huge success ... I admire JK's journey ... My WEP is up ... if I can think of something stimulating - it gets up ...and makes me write slightly differently ... cheers Hilary

  3. The movies sure stretched things out a bit. The pup sure is howling along haha my wep and blog posts are done, the latter until next October lol

  4. I think my imagination could run wild for the bloghop. I just finished on to submit to Parents magazine, so am somewhat serious today. LOL I watched part of a harry fest, but lost my desire wanting to see something a bit more funny. I was in a hotel and don't have cable at home.

  5. The dog was hilarious!
    I would've liked Deathly Hallows even better if they'd edited it down to one movie. The first part bored me and the second was a roller coaster.

  6. Wish I could play the video but our connection is far too slow. Have a great day Diane

  7. I've read one of those on Hilary's website - an interesting challenge! I rarely watch a movie, though I do have a very good DVD collection, because for many years I have had the problem of falling asleep while trying to watch. I've been known to doze off while sitting at a table!

    1. Turn the lights out and I start to snooze. I had co-workers who would try to quietly punch me awake during meetings. So I understand.

  8. Aww man. I was going to enter the W.E.P Dark Places bit but it's coming out too long. I'll have to post it either way (probably on Halloween). :)

  9. That is a dog who knows good music! Pretty sure I could write plenty of horror stories involving the grocery store--I mean just having to go there is one in itself.


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