Saturday, May 1, 2021

 I don't boycott stores or products. Like many people, I lost my taste for tuna when I heard that dolphins were being caught in tuna nets and drowned. Apparently, I was not alone in that years? later; tuna cans would say they were caught by dolphin safe nets. 

I lost my interest in Woody Allen films when it was revealed he was dating his step daughter. 

But not buying products because of politics has no effect on me. Yes, I would like to see the person who paid for the hotel rooms for those who stormed the capital be prosecuted. But contributions to politicians do not concern me. It does concern me when someone who lives on limited funds make large donations to anyone. 

I know of an older couple whose home was being sold to settle debts. They had borrowed money to give to missionaries. A piece of me thought those missionaries should be sending them some money to help them. That moves to my thoughts about maybe there should be legislation to prevent this.

The political angle does not bother me in that I have a minority opinion where I live. I vote for either political party but I have an inclination to vote Democrat. My opinion is both parties are corrupt. I don't believe in the Democrap and Repugblican philosophies. They are human beings and they have to ride the bandwagon to be elected to be a part of government. 

I have had people to not be my friend over politics and that bothers me. I liked them regardless of their politics. But they have done me a favor. They were not my friend. Sometimes I recognize a kindred spirit who I don't agree with in politics. I have wondered if I would be a conservative where liberalism prevailed. Anytime you have a preponderance of people following a political idea; they are ripe for corruption to set it's lazy, greedy ways in.

And what got me on this topic you might ask. Well if you read this far, I should really share. It was for an over priced serving of  soft serve ice cream by Chick Fil A. I took one back into the store. I thought there had to be a mistake. It turns out, they only sell small sizes and they weight their product. Alas, here is a picture. I originally wanted to put my picture on Facebook. Then I thought, I don't boycott or do crap like that. 

Plus there are many who would be content to pay $1.25 for that tiny bit of soft serve. Not everyone is a hog like my family is. We like to buy large and enjoy ourselves. My little dog, Bo, loves the bottom of my ice cream. When we go grocery shopping, we go to Chick Fil A. Mom's dog, Jobelle, loves chicken nuggets. My 90 year old mom likes to get her dog some nuggets. 

So, I am packing dishes, spoons and a serving spoon. Next grocery trip, I am buying some good Mayfield Ice Cream. Once everyone and the load of grits is packed into the car. I am getting our ice cream out and serving everyone. 

We might have to sit in the parking lot for a bit. The dogs have to eat their cream in a controlled environment. Jobelle and Bo can get quite testy about their treats. Each thinks the other got a better dish and they don't want the other one looking at their ice cream. Ice Cream is much better on a sunny day in the car. We've got two ancient containers at home that I need to throw out.

You guessed it. None of that is going to happen. I will ask. Does anyone want me to buy them an ice cream. My brother and sister will say yes. My mom will want a frosted lemonade. I may get a frosted lemonade. But I am done with their ice cream!

We will still get Bo and Jobelle a box of nuggets. My brother and sister enjoy their Chick Fil A lunch before we go in the store. My mom and I have long been burned out on their food. 

I have an ice cream maker. I am making ice cream for mother's day. It's going to be a party. I'm buying strawberries too.

I've started reading Mark Twain's autobiography.  


  1. I have made private boycotts of products. Not because I think that my gesture will change the company concerned but because I couldn't live with myself if I didn't. Darrel Lea was a confectionary company here. The matriarch of the family adopted children (to be playmates for her own) and treated them abominably. Wealthy and privilege ensured that she was never called to account. The company (while keeping its name) has been sold but I still don't use their products.

    1. I would not buy Darrel Lea either with that knowledge. That is also how I boycott products.

      People have gotten so fanatical about politics here; they shout willy nilly for boycotts over opinion.

      My big consideration is whether it is opinion or the creation of a policy. There are a few places I no longer shop because the business owner got too involved with political policy that affected so many people in a way that the business owner would never personally feel.

  2. I do not participate in organized boycotts. I have done some private (i.e. not discussed on my blog or on my social media posts) boycotts. Although I try to "Buy American" (a topic I've blogged about several times) I am also mindful that large chain stores are employment opportunities for our local population. Two of my cousins work for a particular big box store chain that was part of the Georgia boycott discussion. During the pandemic, both cousins were treated well by management. One cousin's fear of working when COVID hit was honored and then, after he went back, they promoted him to full time. That impressed me. So, should I boycott the chain? For me, it was a simple "no". Things are rarely simple. Alana

    1. True that things are rarely that simple.

      My sister who has mental illness went a period without insurance around 2010, and I found myself having to purchase her medicine. At the time, it cost $644 at most pharmacies. Kroger gave a 40% discount since she had no insurance. During the pandemic, Kroger treated it's employees well. In my little town, the local Food Depot was very kind to the customers. The manager seemed to really care about whether you were OK.

      I think we need to be careful about having a political movement pull our strings. Politics is so dirty. I don't think everyone realizes that politicians are playing a miserable game for us all and it certainly takes a skill set I don't have.

  3. I don't generally boycott stores or products either. But I do sometimes have a boycott for personal reasons as Elephant's Child suggests. I've avoided Amazon for several years now because of their terrible reputation as employers. I also avoid British Airways because of its terrible customer service.

    I'm also quite cynical about politicians. At my advanced age, I've seen the constant procession of broken promises, lies, croneyism, and sneaky policy decisions the electorate never voted for. Whoever's in power, ordinary folk are struggling harder and harder to have decent lives.

    1. That is how I feel about politicians. I don't think the average person has the skill set they have to phrase everything so that they agree with the current political climate. We have a shrinking middle class which I find very sad.

  4. Homemade ice cream is better anyway.
    Last year when one group called for a boycott of Goya, my wife pointedly went and bought several of their products. (And from what I understand, the boycott totally backfired.)

    1. You can't go wrong with a few more tins of beans. I have a friend who purchased Ivanka's shoes when there was a tizzy about them. Beans are imminently more practical. If it weren't for the fact she might think I was making fun of her. I was curious, did she wear the shoes. I'm afraid if I wore heels that high I would need a cane for balance.

  5. Homemade ice cream and strawberries sounds wonderful!
    I've yet to visit a Chick-Fil-A, though I hope to. I won't be getting that expensive little spoonful if ice cream - ha!
    I don't go to Starbucks, though I do love coffee. I don't like how they treat people "they" don't like. My daughter, however, does go there because they offer her little dog a treat (!) We don't talk about it:-)
    It's painfully true, if you lose friends over politics they probably were not friends to begin much dangerous nonsense going on these days.
    Can't wait to hear how you enjoyed Mark Twain.
    Take care.
    ~ dee

    1. I've had Starbucks twice. Once was a free coffee gift card I received. The second was wanting a cup of coffee at the grocery store. It was a $2, over priced, cold cup of "meh" coffee. I have never been interested in trying them again.

  6. Wow! You make your own ice cream? That is amazing. We don’t have Chick-fil-a here in Hawaii. However my kids like it on the mainland. That IS pricey soft serve.

    1. I'm wondering if it might be a shortage that is causing the "ice cream" problem. I have to say the homemade is much tastier. My recipe is quite simple. Half and Half, sweetener and vanilla. Same recipe I used in the classroom to teach physical change.


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