Yodeling and Mouse Ears

There is not as much yodeling in Georgia as you would think. Well really, I only hear a country singer belt out you-dah-lay-hee-hoo every once in a blue moon. I have yodeled using the phrase
little lady as in li-tle-lah-dee-li-tle-lah-dee-li-tle-lah-dee-li-tle-lah-dee-hoo.

What you do see a lot of in Georgia is yellow. Mouse eared coreiopsis is blooming along the side of the road. A field of dandelions is a treat to see. Unless it is in your lawn. Living in the country, there are several varieties of dandelions.

Mouse Eared Coreiopsis


  1. Can't say i was ever a fan of yodeling lol some people I've heard do it just sound like a cat hacking up a hairball

  2. I was just noticing all the dandelions in my yard yesterday. Have to do something about them.


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