V as in Victory or why are all the hard letters at the end?

Plus why do some letters have multitudes of topics and others you have to mow grass to get an epiphany.  V is hard. I'm sure there is some Volgan poetry about Georgia; but, I am not that cruel.

A list of people who lived through difficult circumstances, changed how we look at things or stood out in history would be fitting.

V is for Slave Women. Sixty percent of slaves who worked in fields were women. Slavery was not allowed in Georgia the first 50 years and it is nothing but a shame it was allowed. Originally one female slave was required for every three male slaves. The cruelest part of slavery is the fracturing of families and the sale and separation of children from their parents.

I is for William McIntosh who was half Creek Indian and half Scotch. He negotiated for the Creek with the ever encroaching white settlers. His deals were not always the best but were in the tradition of future governors of Georgia.

C is for Elijah Clarke an illiterate frontier soldier who was part of 30 guerilla Revolutionaries who defeated British and Loyalist who were in control of Georgia. His son later became Governor of Georgia.

T is for Grace Towns Hamilton who from 1965 to 1985 expanded the role of African Americans in Georgia politics.

O is for Olaudah Equiano who wrote a slave narrative describing good and bad moments of his life as well as colonial Georgia, the West Indies and seafaring adventures. His memoir was published in 1789 in London which he sold to support himself and the antislavery cause.

R is for Eugene Odom who is the father of modern ecology who first published "Fundamentals of Ecology" in 1953.

Y is for Jane Hurt Yarn who helped in the conservation of thousands of acres of wild land in Georgia.


  1. Good thing, for the most part, we have such people around throughout the ages. Some letters can be a pain in the butt unless one is a rhyming nut lol

  2. All the hard letters are the end! Love your victory :)

  3. The hard letters are upon us. Very clever and interesting way to take of 'V.'


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