Ferrol Sams

I worked in Fayette County Schools for 19 years. During ten or those, Sara Sams Goza was the principal for the school I worked at. She is Ferrol Sams' sister. They have both passed away.

The family were some of the finest people you could meet. I was mistaken when I thought Mrs. Goza was tough and courageous because she came from a wealthy family and had that to back her up. I learned, she was tough and courageous because she knew she had a choice and that was her choice. I remember mothers in desperate straits come to the school for help. I have never seen that at later schools.

My favorite thing in retrospect that Mrs. Goza did was she would pick a child who was difficult, whiney and not really have a thing going for them and make them her little pet. She was never successful in turning them around. Again, she did make a difference. They did not become great students but they did learn they mattered. That had to have a positive effect on their lives. She understood that.

I read Ferrol Sam's book "Run With The Horseman". My dad said he laid it out like it really happened during those times.  All of his books are good and you really need to start with "Run With The Horseman". I count myself very lucky to have met such good human beings in my life. They did understand for those who are given so much, so much is expected.

Below are interviews with Ferrol Sams.



  1. They sound like good people. I'm sure Sara made an impact on those kids who became her pet.

  2. Sometimes what a child needs most of to know they matter to someone. It great to know there as so big hearts in education.

  3. Sounds like a great person indeed. Making the kids a pet project who needed it is something few would ever do


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