Sunday, November 24, 2013

Deep thoughts on spin

When I started teaching school, I had a difficult time with discipline. Was I born one of those people who just want to be everyone's friend?

I have never lost that willingness to get along with other people. I have had to put up with some real jerks that have mistaken that kindness as weakness.

One of the reasons I have continued to write fiction is that it lets you express so much that most people would rather not listen, myself included, and state opinions or observations. We are all complicated in that our actions do not match our opinions.

One thing I learned over time is not to hastily let a harsh opinion loose. When you hear the other person's story, you find yourself regretting what you said. It's not that people can be different than what you perceive. More like people are what you call on in that person.

I've been told I am too nice. A teacher I worked with let me know what a high caliber teacher she was in that students did not give her a hard time. They knew she was a bitch. I have been called a bitch too. In my opinion, it was incredible disrespect from a student who felt contempt for me. I would never confuse contempt or anger with respect.

I see well written pieces in editorial columns that give you real sympathy for people and a situation. Then bam, they tie it to a political ideology which may or may not bear a help for the same people.

I have been watching the Sopranos. Tony Soprano is killed in the end. They are starting to show him in a harsher light. Usually when they kill someone on the Sopranos, you already dislike the character. It's not real life; but, it makes the hit easier to take.

Spin is easier to take than reality.

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