Too much spin if you ask me.

I read the first part of David Oedel's article in the November 23rd issue of the Macon Telegraph, I was impressed that someone would express the plight of a mentally ill woman.

Then he blamed the woman's lack of mental healthcare on Obamacare which began in October of this year. Anyone with any experience know that the mental healthcare system is broken and has been broken. Mental Illness is seen by so many as a personal falling and not the treatable disease it is. Just wiping the shame from people would be monumental.

Governor Deal turned down medicaid assistance for 600,000 Georgians because in three years, the federal government may not foot the bill. If I needed medicaid those three years would be better than nothing.

Governor Deal who has cut the budgets for mental health care until all that is offered is bare bones.

People with mental illness cannot apply and receive help because their condition limits their reasoning and negotiating ability. People hire lawyers to get social security and medicaid started. I am quoting the former district attorney in Houston County, Kelly Burke. “The law treats people with mental illness poorly.” I doubt there is any sheriff or law enforcement officer in Georgia who does not understand this. Our prisons all have shadow mental health wards.

I grew up in Georgia and it is a one party state. It was Democrat when I was young and it is Republican now. Unless you want to waste your vote, you might as well get involved with the Republican party. I am not endorsing the Republicans. They are in charge and probably will be for awhile.

Sonny Purdue gave himself a $100,000 tax break. This was widely reported in the news. It was legal, the Georgia legislature passed the law. None of these legislators were denied re-election. There was no outburst of people asking Sonny Purdue to return the money. No one said, “Sonny Purdue, teachers are being furloughed, don't you think you are being a little greedy?”

I sincerely hope the Republican party will nominate someone for governor that cares more about the people who can't help themselves than some diehard partisan rhetoric. The denial of medicaid hurts rural healthcare in addition to individuals.

There were going to be problems with the Affordable Care Act. Lawmakers had too many special interest groups to pacify. The more complicated anything is, the more difficult it is to implement.

To David Oedel, you are a lawyer. You take a very tragic circumstance, give it a sympathetic light, then use it to advance a political ideology. This sways a jury and earns the money a client pays you. I'm a conservative person too. I just recognize that we need to be reasonable with taxation to pay law enforcement salaries, build roads, provide public education and take care of those who can't take care of themselves. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Mental healthcare has enough problems. Reducing services is not helping.

I hope they throw the book at Crystal Fessler. If she gets a long enough stay in prison, she will receive some sort of mental healthcare. Hopefully, she will be in good enough shape for a family member to help her continue treatment when she is released. It is truly a tragedy that a 32 year old woman would be sleeping in a public park and causing so much mischief to rescue dogs. We are all God's creation. I appreciate Oedel giving people a compassionate viewpoint.


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