Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gym Candy Crackshot

This is my response to Trifecta's weekly challenge which was to use the verb remember in a 33-333 word story. Third definition to be precise.

Anyway here is my story -

Skillfully or luckily lining up threes, fours or fives of colorful shapes that wink. smile or beguile, I get five free plays every three hours. I stop housework, cooking, reading, watching television, mowing grass, visiting with the other inhabitants of this house to play.

Social media, smedia, someone named Tiffany just sent me a life. It is nice this stranger remembered me. I have no idea who most of my online friends are. But, Hell no, Gem Candy Crackshot, you faceless greedy monster, I will not waste money to pay for all those lives and Crackshot Gizmos. I am not on level 452 by accident.

I plan to stop at 665. I'm not playing with the Devil's number. I usually play with the sound off. Harvey, my husband thinks its a waste of time. I recorded the radio advice columnist who said it staved off dementia and exercised the brain. The music does get loud and annoying. However, it is fun and I might be going to win this game.

I've turned sound on. I can't hear a thing. I look up at Harvey. Dang it. I want my sound.

“The sound don't work Harvey.”

“Hmmm, let me see mama.”

“Call me by my name Linda, please?”

“What's for dinner Big Poppa?”

I look down and it's my little towheaded son Joey. “I don't know Joey. Harvey what would you like to eat?”

“Pork chops, turnip greens, crowder peas, cornbread and baked apples. Grandma, here is an apple you can peel.”

“I don't like to eat any of that.”

“It's good food. Put your great-grandmother's laptop away.”

“This laptop is a a bunch of junk and it don't work.”

“It still works for granny. What kind of homework have you got? I told your mom we would get it done before she comes to take you home. What are you looking at kid. You wasting daylight and they aren't making anymore of it.”


  1. I love the dialogue, the real activity happening in this piece. The last line is just great! Very well done.

  2. I agree with Theinnerzone - the dialogue works well. I don't know how one could do homework with all that hubbub going on :)

  3. Wow--I really enjoyed this. The laptop still works for granny. Mom's coming to take you home. There's some sad stuff going on here. Thanks for linking up.

  4. Love that last line, it reminds me of my Grampy! Also love that the laptop still works for granny (and the implication that granny still works...).


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