Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sophisticated name calling

"I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred is one of those songs I disliked but the tune and lyrics shout out of my brain to my consciousness way too easy. I'd provide a link, but I don't want to spread the problem. It became the number one song in the United States in 1991 and number 2 for six weeks in the UK.

It is written from a narcissistic fashion model's point of view.

I say, if you got it, flaunt it. Just be careful to stop flaunting it when you become a time capsule novelty. I remember women lost in the sixties with dark hair, bangs and eyeliner when I was worried about being fat as a teenager in the seventies. We all got to move with the times. Except I would love to weigh 125 pounds again.

Anyway, I got a pair of jeans I wear at least twice a week and they are cool. Now why I would like these dark blue beauties with a denim braid on the hem, I don't know. Today, they stood at attention beside my bed this morning just like the jeans I wore in college.

I went to college in the seventies. Living on as little as possible, I know why everyone was so crazy about jeans. You really had to have money to own the matching sweater and cardigans of the sixties. It was not a hippie thing even though we all dressed the part.

I had a couple of big thoughts yesterday, most of them settled on point of view. I have been contemplating the power of stories. I have concluded that we all need to handle our story choices with care.

We all have family stories, I would love to create a blog roll where people would post their favorite family story. The kind of story that was passed down through the generations. They can be outrageous but they are all a learning curve.

My favorite was a great-grandmother who was roughed up by my great grand-father when he came home after a few drinks. The next day when he was working in the field, she came out with an equalizer and beat him to a pulp. He never drank again. He said he couldn't handle liquor.

What I learned, don't be a victim. There are alternatives today to beating the crap out of your husband. However, you don't have take nonsense.

My grandmother had a quote "When you see dog shit, walk on by, don't stir it up.". Pretty much like "Choose your battles".  I like the literal interpretation of her version.

We all go vote this month. I have strong opinions which I have a hard time not writing up a storm about. I actually pray for the best person to win. There is a certain load of baloney by all political candidates. Quotes and tactics which will call their voters to the polls. Once elected, they follow an agenda that may or may not have to do with what we learn about in the news.

So choose your stories with care. Name calling can be on point or a cheap shot.

Arrrgh, I still want to say Vote For -------. Laugh out loud, Have a good day.

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