Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Yoga and Me

Yoga looks so peaceful, serene, get in touch with your spirit.

I have a thirty minute yoga video which I have not taken off the shrinkwrap. I know I bought it over two years ago. It was such an urgent purchase, I paid regular price and didn't wait to find one in a bargain bin. The dogs have chewed the edges of the mat I purchased.

Honest to goodness, I'll start next Thursday.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. What I learned is that there are other interpretations. Mine has always been in reference to procrastination. It can also be about Murphy's law or the substitution of good work for faith in your religion. I learned that on Wikipedia.

Bill Clinton wasn't joking when he said, "It depends on how you define, "be"."

I picked up a magazine called Yoga at the doctor's office. Only one female in the pictures looked older than 25. All that good living, I suppose.

Which made me think about my big physical fitness achievements at 58. I can touch my toes, I can tie my shoes, I can get on the floor and back up. I can write a check and sign up for a 5K. Upward and onward I shall go. God willing.

I am in better shape than I was three years ago. The first time I walked a 5K in 2012, I was incredibly sore afterwards. That was hard to swallow in that I had always been a huge walker.

Me and my dog Louise start training this week. I wish I could run, Louise needs more exercise. But, I can walk three miles without suffering later. I plan to walk two miles a day two or three days a week and one day walk four. Just build those muscles.

I have always dieted during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Imagine how big I would be if I had not. We all battle the bulge in my household. We do have family members who are slim. They are not anorexic, but they are light eaters by nature.

My great aunt Faye was a terrific cook and loved to feed everyone. She made the best kraut. She was also a good teacher. With a heart damaged by rhematic fever and three open heart surgeries under her belt, she ate primarily raw vegetables. She did eat some meat, etc

I am following her example. I don't know if it will extend my life; but it will make me feel better. I know when I fed my elderly pets their special food, they lasted longer. Hard to realize that I am getting there. Especially since I have always enjoyed eating.

Take care.

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