Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm still here.

I had 248 views on my writer facebook page. Seeing as I have 12 likes and have posted nothing in almost two years, I couldn't be more curious about why so many visited. I would put something up real quick but that is about like closing the barn door after the cows got out.

You can't hurry love, time or anything else for that matter. When I first wanted to write, everything told me how to sell what I wrote. Then it dawned on me, that was the final step. So, I don't sign up or purchase anything that tells me how to sell my writing. I need to produce something I am proud of first. The facebook page is a reminder that building a platform could have been delayed until I was actually ready.

What can I say, I was overeager about something in my mid-fifties. Being consistent is what I need to be. More than a little frustrated at my slow pace. My book is now a series of morphs. I am in the process of ditching what I have written and starting fresh. The blank page looks enormous. So I find myself blogging.

Politics is sizzling in Georgia. The ads are little slicker this year on television in the senate race. The governorship is a series of he's a dirty rat ads we are used to. How someone cannot vote with all that passion drumming. Of course the devil in all the contenders is in the details. The fine print that no one notices until it explodes in a scandal.

Do I sound like a compromiser? Well I am. I swear I'm not a liberal. It just that in Georgia it doesn't take much to be a liberal. Gay marriage, I knew when they made laws banning it, these lawmakers were "wink, wink" at their gay brothers and sisters saying I'll deliver. Until the laws were on record, the courts had nothing to uphold or ban. I think Gays have a right to marry. I just think some of the conservative religious folks should have known what they were creating.

I vote independent. I like President Obama. I think he has done a good job considering how dirty politics has become.

Sunday night has eight big dramas which I have never watched. I am going to watch a few and tape a few. It will take me a few weeks of this to decide if I have been missing anything. My big television shows are SNL and Big Bang Theory. I record both because I am prone to falling asleep.

Anyway, I wonder if any the Sunday dramas will rival the political ads coming. We are three weeks from the election.

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