Monday, June 1, 2015

Chewing the Fat

A to Z came to me at the right time. I was ready to take advantage of good blogrolls and activities along the way. There have been some great events that I did not participate in that I have this thing called a life I live.

But niggling me has been two books I have written in my head. All they need is to be put on a word document and saved with a date and name. All those no names, no dates are a pain in the rear. More so in that I always intend to get back with them soon. Then the electricity goes off or the computer insists on shutting down to install updates and the computer recovers all the files I had open as untitled.

My first big project is BuNoWriMo which is basically a nanowrimo with less rules but a 50,000 word goal in the month of June. That is 50,000 divided by 30 which is 1667 words a day. My goal is 2000 in that I wind up cutting half my words eventually.

If you would like to participate, here is the Facebook link.

There is a website with a word counter, but I have not been able to access it.

There are other things I learned cruising blogs. One is that you can use a free service to verify your twitter follower is real. The only problem is the follower has to watch a commercial. I know that is what I had to do before it would reveal the captcha device.

Since I don't actually use twitter, it was irritating in that I follow people in a show of support. But a good thing if a bot could use your tweet nefariously. With the state of social media, nothing surprises me.

I also came across a fun blog for newbie writers. It is funny. It is sincere. It is talking about stuff we are nowhere near worrying about - but hope to one day.

So see everyone on wordless Wednesday.


  1. I've never done one of those 50K words in a month as I do that anyway, so meh. Sure some fun out there in blogland indeed

    1. I was worried the schedule might jinx me. Anything for motivation is welcome.

      50 K a day sounds like it for you. I wish I could be that productive. Maybe I need to kidnap a pair of cats to use as a muse. However, my pair of cats would not be amused.

  2. June is a big writing month for me. I have so many things going on in July that I'm trying to finish a rough draft before then.

    1. Looking at the number of books you have written, I know you've got great discipline and talent. With a family, you are truly superwoman. I've been stewing on which book of yours I will read first. I always have a stack of books to be read which I know you can relate to.

  3. There's always something new to participate in in the Blogosphere. Difficult sometimes, because as you said, we all have lives to live as well. Good luck with the BuNoWriMo. ☺

    1. Thanks for the luck, I'm having a hard time getting these projects written. I think part of it is I have them roughly outlined, and I am used to writing off the top of my head.


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