Flying ain't what it used to be.

I'm soon to be off in the pursuit of a gallon cup of coffee. The demitasse of slightly warm coffee at the complimentary breakfast this morning did not do the job. I'm in Appleton, Wisconsin for the Writer's Police Academy. My works in progress are not crime novels. However, it is interesting and a big slice of real life to enliven anything I am working on.

The flight from Atlanta was quick. I can't say comfortable. They have compressed seats so much in coach you get to know your neighbor too damn well. I got a quick search over at the Atlanta airport. It has been about five years since I went through airport security. I got the screen of my touch pad scratched. You have to take it out of the case and the slam bam rush of everything.

I guess flying has lost its adventure. I remember my first flight on Eastern airlines. Navigating the big Atlanta airport. Riding the train, the portable sidewalks. It was all good. I never thought I would get to ride in a plane. I also thought I would retire and never use a computer too.

My carry on bag only had a camera, laptop, and few items, but it became heavy as heck. The portable sidewalk was not working partway and hoofing it between Terminals T to A and B, I exhaustively rushed to capture the train to terminal D.

I did get a burrito at Chipotles at the Airport and it was great. In my rushing about to leave that morning, all I had eaten was a few crackers and a cup of coffee. So, the food may have been good due to hunger.

I came a day early, I wanted to enjoy the entire conference. I've become sophisticated enough now to not talk to anyone casually. I am not familiar with the who's who of the writing world. I find myself talking to someone who is incredibly successful in the writing world and it is obvious I don't know them from Adam's houseplant. I did that at the Southeastern Writer's Conference but they were from the same neck of the woods as I. So it did not seem as rude.

I am clueless on how to seriously chit chat. I guess I will be myself. I may come from the known edge of civilization, but I got something to say too.

My sister is staying at my house this week to be available to my mom, brother, and sister and live with me. Her little dog Boo Boo was missing but returned quite dirty.  Apparently, he set up shop under the house. She didn't have the heart to board him and he is too much for my mother and her little girls so my sister left him outside. Thanks for prayers for the sweet soul. I understand he is at the boarding facility now.


  1. Yeah, air travel is not much fun at all. haha oh I'd be in the same boat, talking to someone who is successful and I'd have no idea who they were

  2. Hi human, Ann,

    I do understand about the adventure being lost in flying these days. Yes, flying as in flying in an aeroplane. Of course, there is always, "BlogAir", the blogger's favourite airline. I'm Penny the Pawlet on BlogAir. Of course, I'm a successful pawblisher and you know me! Arf!

    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses,

    Penny xx

  3. I agree the airlines seem to have made the seats a little too close. So close, when we flew to Hawaii last year, my husband managed to wear a cup of coffee from the steward serving it! And it was a very serious business coming through Homeland Security at Honolulu, definitely no smiles there. Enjoy the conference! Carolyn at


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