My little dog from Hell

Well when he was upset, he was bad.

Boduke was boarded and neutered during my last trip. As they opened his cage, I saw those black shining eyes ready to attack Roberto and the young woman at the vet's office. I scooped up my little baby dog. When he saw either of them him gave a menacing look. They fixed a hood to keep him from chewing his stitches.

We had a warning that he was bad. I got a call on my cell phone that I did not answer at the conference. Then my mom called which I answered. I never get calls and this one happened at the start of a program by one of the presenters. It obviously pissed her off and I could feel the agreement of the people in the class.

What I felt was "Kiss my Ass". I have been a conformist my entire life. But there is a time you rebel like when your mother calls. She was concerned about Boduke. She was thinking of going to get him. They called. I told her, leave him. She did.

The phone call was a nuisance to the presenter but for me it was important. Believe me, my mother did not need to be driving nor did Boduke need to be in the house. My sister would have picked up her dog who fights Boduke. My mother would be mindful to keep them separate, but other family members are fairly slack.

Boduke went back to get the one stitch left taken out. He was worried. He was wearing a muzzle. He did pretty well. Lying beside me, he is a sweet little boy as I type this. I've never owned a dog who could get so carried away in his passion.



  1. He looks happy as can be there. But yeah, some really hate the vet and being boarded. Hmph, have to take a call, take a call.

  2. My dogs were always afraid of the vet but they never caused trouble. My Rottie loved the vet and they loved him. He didn't know he was supposed to be something other than a cupcake.

  3. Boduke looks so happy-go-lucky in the photo. What a cutie! Some dogs just can't stand being "manhandled". I knew a dog like that once. Sweet as pie, as long as you didn't do anything to her she didn't like. Mothers' calls should always be answered, in my opinion. Love the "kiss my ass" attitude! You tell'em, Ann. ☺

  4. Dogs probably get pretty confused by things that affect them from the human world.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  5. He looks like a happy puppy.

    My cat Spunky never did well at the vet. One time, he accidentally bit me. (He was aiming for the vet.)


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