It's good to be home

I'm waiting in the hotel lobby for the shuttle. Instead of muzak, a live piano is being played. There are occasional gaps or wrong notes, but it is great.

I have always loved live music. When an artist plays in a small venue, it is because their career is starting or moving down. It is such a pity artist are only seen at their best when their popularity wanes. Those huge cavernous beer drinking conventions that masquerade as concerts have always been a disappointment.

I went to a Travis Tritt show where two pretty girls in their twenties talked loudly during the entire acoustic performance. When they yelled and lifted their beers to a rousing chorus of gospel music, I felt shame for them as they grinned broadly at each other. I don't think they liked the music. They didn't stop to listen.

I'm finishing this post at home. The hurry up and wait began about noon today. I caught the 2:30 shuttle, the plane left at 4:30 and arrived at 7:30. I went straight to baggage claim and out to the shuttle service to my home. Talk about luck, the driver was closing the luggage doors to get ready to leave the airport. I got home about 10:45. It has been a day to say the least.

But this morning was crazier, my mother was cranky. I don't know if she is always cranky or this is just my welcome back cranky. It is hard on anyone when their routine is disrupted. I made the mistake of saying the house smelt like dog piss. My sister does a good job taking care of my mom and siblings.   The mop is soon getting a workout.

I've freed some of my dogs from the vet. I board the two large ones. Boduke got boarded because he was neutered. Plus he and my sister's dog Booboo want to have big fight whenever they see each other. Each one weighs nine pounds. Boduke uses the strategy, get behind my mother and let her knock the crap out of Boo.  Louise has a smile on her face as she sits on her favorite chair. I hate to think my house smells worse than pee.

My sister is ten years younger than me. I am busy downsizing. She has gifted me with a nice nightstand and bookcase. I'll be sixty next year. I have a goal to unload as much of my house as possible by my birthday. You seem ungrateful to turn down a gift. But, I am determined to get rid of the clutter. I open drawers and boxes to clothes and items I forget I had.

Meanwhile, I brought home about ten books to read. I know, I am going to have to change my ways. It is nice to be home.
Mr. Boduke


  1. Pups are probably glad to be free, and yeah the yappers during anything are a pain. Clutter free is nice too.


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