Friday, January 22, 2021


I went to Bouchercon in Texas in 2019. It was phenomenal. What was amazing was the price. You get free books, free food for the entire four days of panels and speakers. I paid the early bird of $175. I fouled up in that I did not get a Nero Wolfe dinner paid for in advance and we missed that. The hotel was plush. You did have to pay for your hotel room which I think was about $150 a night. I shared a room with my sister.

Bouchercon is nerdy heaven for us bookworms. The people watching was incredible. Hats, what is about hats that writers are so crazy about. And do they wear those hats when they go about their errands. I am lucky to have my hair combed. I keep a comb handy in the car. The hair I worked on so hard in my younger days, I now allow to dry before I comb it out. That way I get the maximum fluff for my straight hair with a wee bit of wave.  

At Bouchercon, my sister and I waited in line for free chili which was what me and my sister thought why everyone was waiting. Then we observed people getting free books signed by the author. I got one or two books from the shortest lines I could see. I have a TBR list that is beyond my lifetime so I did not care which books I got. One of the authors was curious about my Southern accent. She was surprised I would be interested in her book. Oh yeah, I want to read your book is what I said. It's in the TBR bookcase. 

My favorite event was the speed dating breakfast where authors sat at your table and did their spiel for about ten minutes. At the end, you got to choose two books from stacks of books of all the authors. Writers are my rock stars.

That was Dallas in 2019. This year was Sacramento. My sister and I were fancying a car trip to Sacramento. My sister is in a wheelchair and the car ride is much easier than an airplane. We were going to have a great time. Then there was COVID. No Sacramento. No cross country car ride. My dogs and cats are ecstatic to have me home. I suspect I am a direct descendent of Marco Polo. 

I attended the virtual Bouchercon. It was in the spirit but I did not make it through the few virtual panels I tuned into. So I have signed up for the 2021 in New Orleans. Whether it makes it or not? Who knows. Covid has truly created hardships, inconvenience and disappointments. 

For me, it is mostly disappointments. My humble pie in the opinion department is that I find it hard to breathe using N-95 masks. I never voiced my opinion about masks which was "Quit your complaining, wear your masks.". So I get a bit of what some don't like. But as long as I function, I will wear that N-95. Unfortunately, I've known a few who have passed from Covid. I had not heard from a writer friend. Then boom, she is barely back. Covid almost took her and her husband on a free trip to the Pearly Gates.

We all need to let everyone know how we are doing. I do think about the many people I have met blogging. We share such personal moments that you feel a kinship with everyone. My prayer is that all of you are well and have contentment. 

I recently read a friend's first published book on Kindle. It is called Marriage Wars by Leeanne Beasley Berry. It was a fun breezy read of two women from high school with dissolving marriages. I know the topic sounds miserable but it does have a satisfying ending and is funny in places. 

Lately, I have watched a show about the paranormal. There is a television show on the Travel Channel called Dead Files. The Travel channel used to be about traveling to exotic locations. Now it investigates Yeti, Big Foot, Aliens and what goes bump in the night. Most of it is fairly boring and not worth your time. I joke about doing a ghost documentary where we do several scenes running out of a room yelling and scared. lol I'm not much of a believer. But Dead Files does make you wonder. 

The book I am reading now is Ghosts; Investigating the other side by Katherine Ramsland. Ramsland is a good writer who has worked for the FBI. Normally, I would not read a book about ghosts. It surprises me that someone with her background would write this book. But I am only about a fourth through. She starts the story with a supposedly haunted ring given to her by a man only known as Wraith. Then she proceeds to document her exploration of ghost hunting.

If it gets too scary, I'll stop reading. Maybe take more pictures of big rabbits in my front yard. I've got several armadillos. I will post a picture of them if I ever happen to see them and their big ears, and I have a camera with me. Have a good week. 


  1. Hopefully Bouchercon is a go this year. It sounds like an event that demands to be in person.

    1. Bouchercon is scheduled for the end August. It may happen. We are signed up for the vaccine but we have not heard about any dates or times. We will see. I hope you are doing well Alex.

  2. Bouchercon sounds like a foretaste of heaven to my people watching, avidly (greedily) reading self.
    I do hope you can go this year.
    Love your bunny and would very much like to see a photo (or more) of an armadillo.
    And yes, writers are my heroes.
    And how I love the supportive community I have found here in the blogosphere.

    1. Armadillos are cool. In South Georgia, they are called opossum on the half shell. People used to eat Armadillos and opossums here. I hope that is not too much information. The more I look at animals the more vegetarian I tend to eat.

      I think I'll sit in the lobby more than I did last time. It was a parade. If the event makes. We are getting a more serious approach to the virus in the States. But it is much like closing the barn door after the horse is out. It is going to be a struggle.


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