Sunday, January 10, 2021

The rich man dances while the poor man pays the band, eh?

 I made a choice that I would not post about politics. We have gotten a fringe on both sides in the United States that are LOUD. In the beginning, I did post opinions on Facebook. Then I realized what I said on Facebook was like hanging out at a cocktail party and voicing that opinion. When people are chilling, they don't want to be serious. I can see the interior dialogue of people as they scroll on by the post. 

Plus, I would like people to get to know me before they know my politics. I have noticed friend's comments to news articles, etc showing up on my feed. I suspect my comments are highlighted too. 

I am a white woman living in Georgia. I am descended from the original settlers and many Revolutionary War, Confederate, Union soldiers. My grandfather served in the Spanish-American War and World War I. My roots are deep. People assume I am a red state voter. But like my mother, I put the purple in Georgia's vote. I tend to vote Democrat. I will vote for a Republican on occasion. 

The invasion of the capital has angered me to the point that I have finally figured out twitter. I spent a day making replies. Then I thought, I have joined the mob by voicing a loud opinion. I do plan to write my representative and four senators (two out-going and two in-coming). 

My big grief are the people who motivated the mob. One thing that is apparent is that many in the mob were unstable. The man from Florida who posed with Nancy Pelosi's lectern. The story was he posted it on ebay to sale. However, the lectern was found in the capital in good shape. The man who wore a coyote skin with horns and no shirt was the Q-anon Shaman who can go to different dimensions to fight pedophiles. You do the math.

Even Bigo Barnett from Gravette, Arkansas. He was the guy who sat with his feet propped on Nancy Pelosi's desk. Most teachers and many parents recognize him as a child. For some reason he thinks anything that comes out of his mouth will be believed.  He is not crazy. 

Donald Trump has a big problem with surrounding himself with yes men. Instead of leaving office with the bully pulpit of a former President; he has this shame.

I am not really disgusted with Donald Trump. This is who Donald Trump is. 

The senate race in Georgia was hard for me in that I grew up with the Perdues. David Perdue is about three years older than me. His mom was my brother's sixth grade teacher. His dad was the superintendent of schools in Houston County. My family likes the Perdues. I did not vote for David Perdue. But I like him. I don't know Kelly Loeffler but it was a no brainer to vote for her opponent. There was no substance to anything she said. One of her political ads have her sincerely talking. But if you listen, it is a disjointed list of political slogans. There is a difference between someone being a Republican and someone being a Republican stamp. 

The urinating in the halls of Congress, the trashing of files of paper on the floor, the removal of items (government phones and laptop included), men with zip cuffs to possibly take hostages, pipe bombs and weapons, the opportunity of a foreign actor to plant snooping devices. I think some of the mob were swept up in the moment. Some were just plain stupid. There was a woman from Tennessee complaining about being maced. Didn't she know some people get killed in a revolution.

The main reason I have not been vocal about politics. (Yes, I have said a bit.) is that I did not want to alienate people. My late brother was a Trumper. I am a never Trumper. We did talk politics. But we had an agreement to not talk politics so much as speak about an issue or send money to any political entity. I would love to hear my brother's take on this. 

The real villains are the politicians who recognized Trump had a populist appeal that some people would follow blindly. If you can't beat them join them was the mentality. Trump has a huge disadvantage in that no one could have input but him. This self limiting quality truly hampered his Presidency. His allies did him no favor in accepting this.

Contesting the election was a HUGE fundraising opportunity for Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri. There are other non-Georgians who raised money during the Georgia runoff such as Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. 

I doubt there will be consequences. Josh Hawley wanted to propel himself into the national spotlight to run for President in 2024. Well he made it to the spotlight. He has four more years of his term to redeem himself with his constituency and backers. 

Now the individuals who went into the Capital, broke windows, peed on the floor, threw papers, pilfered items. They are in hot water. The comment from the beginning was how everything was being videoed with the surveillance system they had in the capital. A piece of me blamed the provocateurs. But the blame lies within the mob itself. Each of those individuals knew they were doing wrong. Shame on them.

Feel free to blast your comments. This summer one blogger who I enjoy reading stopped blogging because of the personal attacks. There is something wrong with us when we cannot tolerate opinions. There is also something wrong with us when we knowingly quote lies.

Loretta says, "It was Antifa that tore up the dogbed". 
Button says, "It was those radical liberals".
It wasn't me, It was Antifa

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