Thursday, January 28, 2021

Confidence and Motivation

 I've been reading an older book by FBI profiler John Douglas. It has helped me with my writing in that he does write about how a crime affects a victim. Sometimes I get lost on writing that villian until I don't consider how the victim who rises up has a difficult time rising. Life only appears to go back to normal.  

This goes to confidence. I'm one of those people who attempts to get everyone to like me. Like my mother, I will climb a tree to avoid an argument. One cool thing when you take care of an elderly parent is that you see yourself so well at times. It is obvious a lot of training occurs before you
realize it. 

In packing up my brother's house; I see so many family traits. One we are packrats, two we save money when we can, three - well organization. There is impeccable organization on one end and the rest of it can go to hell. I am still getting old newspapers up at his house. I can tell he was preparing to move.

My brother was very organized with his paperwork. Next time I go to his house, I am packing up boxes of papers. Most of which will be burned in that they are just old bills he has saved. And yes, I have got ridiculous items like that saved. 

I remember when I first started teaching school, a teacher was talking about throwing away the old gradebooks a teacher who had long retired had left. If I could step back in time, I would have gotten them. You know gradebooks from the 1950's would be an interesting thing to look at now. So you see why my family has so much clutter.

But my brother had a confidence I never had. He would tease people to get a reaction. My dad was on a bus tour with my mom and they were told they did not need the dinner tickets they had been given earlier in the day, just walk into the restaurant. Well my dad teased this woman for her dinner ticket, and she was holding on to hers unaware of what my dad and mom had been told. 

We all have a joking nature which we get from my father. As an adult, I can tell you joking is a way of coping with what you can't control. I was a funny teacher. I used humor to corral students with the lack of power I actually had. I've lived long enough to know there are some things you can't joke your way out. 

What motivates Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who represents the 14th district of Georgia. She is close to 50. She inherited a profitable home building-remodeling business from her father. She is married with several kids. So why in the heck does she maintain that 9-11 was a hoax, the pentagon did not have a plane crash into it and all the school shootings did not happen. The school shootings were hoaxes financed by Soros. I watched a video of her verbally haranguing a student who was at the capital about the Parkland School shooting. 

This is a video by Marjorie Taylor Greene about the Vegas shooting where the shooter just shot people at a concert. Then killed himself. I've learned from Douglas that that type of individual wants to be totally in control. So when they kill themselves, it is to maintain control.

This is an article that details some of the more extreme ideation of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

I don't think Marjorie Taylor Greene is crazy. So why would she be trying so hard to get people to run down a rabbit hole as she watches. I do not think she believes all this rubbish. Her response on Facebook to someone read to me more like a con artist grooming a victim. 

And this is what makes me bitter. I know many in that part of Northeast Georgia and Northwest Alabama who buy into all this garbage. The ones that hurt the most are those that are kin to me. So you damn right, I am angry. And it is a hotter anger than what I feel for all these internet cons in that what do they really get out of it.

I don't need a crystal ball. Marjorie Taylor Greene will probably be divorced and will lose her business in about ten years. There were fourteen complaints with customers on the BBB website. Better Business Bureau Complaints  Her mouth has opened her up to a lot of litigation. If she doesn't take to heart the Republican talking to she is going to get, she will get the golden handshake. 

Will she be like the lawyer L Lin Woods who is estranged from his children? L. Lin Wood is the victim of a crime. When he was 16, he came home to his father having murdered his mother. His parents were alcoholics. I remember a man I dated in the early 90s saying he knew Lin Wood. Lin Wood had a good reputation. But his manipulation of fanaticism will make people remember his feet were indeed made of clay.

But what motivates Greene besides power?

 It is the Republican party who has to put a stop to this. I also don't think the Republican party is responsible for this craziness. It is a victim too. Republican Governor Kemp has been a good leader. He has done a good job of trying to create a balance between preventing the spread of Covid and the state functioning in business and everyday life. I have a lot of respect for politicians. They get a lot of blowback from too many people. I have a lot of respect for people who hold office. I could not stand the crap they have to deal with.

But what are your thoughts on why Marjorie Taylor Greene? I don't get it. 


  1. Thanks for stopping by TNS today. I'll be honest, Marjorie Taylor Greene makes my jaw hit the floor. It is so hard to believe she can say all these things and no one even tries to censure her. So sorry you are having to deal with her. Guess your only recourse is in the voting booth. Hope she is due for reelection soon.

    1. In two years, she will be up for re-election if she makes it that long. She is not in my district. There is a a lot of variation in the populations of Georgia. But that section should be ashamed of themselves for electing her. But I am curious why she would be so out there. I know she knows she is lying when she hollers "fake news".

  2. Replies
    1. I love that picture of my dogs. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. Had to look her up. She's going to spew that stuff, she needs some facts to back it up.
    We don't hoard. We have a few older things that we keep of course.

    1. My younger brother couldn't stand our packrat ways. It's healthier to unload. My goal in the next five years is to unload my house. Next item is a deepfreeze. I've emptied it. Since it is over twenty years old, I plan to let a man who collects items like it for salvage have it.

      Marjorie Taylor Greene did not actually win. She got about 40 percent of the Republican vote in a runoff with about ten people. The Democrat who was going to run against her was young and he dropped out of the race for personal reasons. There were much better Republican candidates. I guess people thought she would rise to the occasion.

  4. I have seen stories (yes even over here) about Ms Greene. And I am gob smacked. If she doesn't believe them she should indeed be censured. Forcibly.
    And I cannot believe that she does.
    Confidence? Missing here. I suspect it is too late to find it now.

    1. We've gotten several legislators who are ridiculous. Two of them are about thirty so I will say a lack of life experiences could be part of the problem. With Lauren Boebert of Colorado, she has like 5 arrests and the other one is chronic liar. He has an amazing resume that is simply fiction. All three need to go. I suspect Taylor will go first. She is the most obnoxious.

      But the motivation for her behavior which is really maniacal. I suspect she has a personality disorder. I feel sad for her children.

  5. Hi Ann, I find your blog posts interesting-especially since I have a 93 year old mother I am trying to care for in her home in Maine while my home is in Pennsylvania. I am just starting to watch the news again after all the hate and vitriol in Washington D.C. disheartened me these past 4 years. I have given up on anything resembling unity in our government. So, I get on with my life, read the news on my iPad and will continue to vote conservative. I miss my pets when I am here in Maine, thank you for sharing that picture of yours! Have a great day and take care.💖

    1. Thanks for visiting Susan. I know you are busy. Commuting to care give is difficult to say the least. I get a daily dose of politics in that my 90 year old mom has taken a liking to watching CNN along with Perry Mason, The Saint and the Price is Right and the local news. Being an active voter is the only real way to deal with what we have no control over. Hopefully politics will get boring.

  6. I was horrified to see the video of her harassing the victim of the school shooting. It was grotesque. Sadly, I know people who buy into the current conspiracy theories and it's just sad. I think they get addicted to the thrill of "knowing" something that others do not or is a "secret". Once they are hooked, they get their "fix" finding articles and viewpoints on the internet that feed into their new found storyline and disregard opposing viewpoints.

    1. The irony is that the video was produced by herself. It was documented by Marjorie Taylor Greene.

      I suspect you are right that it gives the followers a special feeling of being special. But didn't it seem inconceivable that every Democrat was a Satanic ritual pedophile master.


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